ACS Cobham graduates triumph with outstanding university placements worldwide

ACS Cobham high school graduation, PRODIREKT

19–JUL–2023 | ACS Cobham students who pursued the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are celebrating remarkable examination results, propelling them to prestigious universities worldwide, such as Oxford, Harvard, and New York University. PRODIREKT Education & Academic Advising Group, a global representative of the school, is elated to witness the students’ contentment and continued success in their academic journeys at some of the finest universities worldwide. Here are the impressive academic achievements of ACS students in 2023:

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In search of the world’s best schools, King’s Ely

In search of the world's best schools, King’s Ely

18–JUN–2019 | Our partnership with one of the best schools, King’s Ely, started in 2017 when 20 of our youngest learners (8-10 year olds) from Italy attended the King’s immersion course. That education project turned out to be a great success! Consequently, in August of the same year, we were invited by the school’s senior management to get a personal feel of that historic school located in the equally historic town of Ely.


Getting to know Ridley College, one of the Canada’s most prestigious schools

Ridley College, best high schools in Canada, PRODIREKT

21–MAY–2019 | Our spring in Canada was action packed last year. After the experience of a lifetime in Vancouver, where we attended two major education events – ILAC Partnership Forum and ICEF Workshop, we flew to Toronto for the second part of our Canadian education globetrotting. Prior to our visiting ILAC International College in Toronto and Niagara College in Welland, we were invited by the management of Ridley College, one of the best schools in Canada, to be their guest.


Achieving our high school students’ education success together with the District School Board of Niagara in Canada

Secondary schools in Canada - District School Board of Niagara, PRODIREKT

Despite these turbulent and uncertain times for all of us, we still remain committed to and focused on delivering continuous support to our students. To that end, we are very excited to share the news about the expanded partnership we have forged with the District School Board of Niagara. This more involved relationship with the organization that manages 99 elementary and secondary schools in the Niagara region is important for our goal to provide the students from the emerging markets with a quality education that empowers them with the knowledge and desire to chase their dreams. READ MORE