Become our International Student Ambassador

Are you thinking about studying abroad and would like to talk to a current student about their experiences? We have student ambassadors from around the globe, representing different academic backgrounds, who are willing to talk, answer your questions, and share their study abroad experiences with you.

The PRODIREKT International Student Ambassador Program has been designed to assist students and parents as they embark on their search for the right language program, high school, university or college, as well as to ease students’ study abroad experience. Our Ambassadors are students and alumni who share their first-hand experiences of the enrollment process, programs, teaching style, living abroad, and more.

It takes a range of key skills to be a great International Student Ambassador. While performing that role, you will enhance your public speaking, communication and social media skills. These are all skills highly sought after by employers regardless of what industry you choose after graduation.

Duties and responsibilities of an International Student Ambassador may include:

  • Communication with potential students worldwide.
  • Writing reviews, teasers and/or posts for PRODIREKT’s websites and social media.
  • Giving short statements for study brochures.
  • Producing and/or being featured in short videos about your experiences.
  • Profiling/blogging.
  • Touring visitors & prospective students around the college.
  • Helping PRODIREKT students integrate into the student community.
  • Taking part in panels & demonstrations to share cultural experiences.


As a PRODIREKT International Student Ambassador you are promoting our interests abroad and in your home country during your studies and one year after your graduation. We expect you to be:

  • A role model – positive and encouraging to young people about the opportunities open to them either at work or college.
  • Responsible and reliable.
  • Social media savvy.
  • Diplomatic, confident, friendly, approachable and enthusiastic.
  • Comfortable with discussing all aspects of college/school enrolment process and student life with members of the public clearly and confidently.


  • If approved, the International Student Ambassador will receive a valuable scholarship, which may amount up to $2,000, depending on the Ambassador’s school grades, talents, qualifications, program/degree enrolled, and a level of agreed involvement.
  • In some cases, we may pay you incentives for every recommended student that successfully enroll at our partner colleges/universities.
  • Ambassadors will gain experience working in a professional environment, and be provided with constructive feedback on their resume, interview, and work skills.
  • An opportunity to enhance your resume! Employers are looking for students who go the extra mile and show they are able to work with people from all walks of life.

Students failing to meet the duties and responsibilities of the International Ambassador Program may have their position/status and scholarship terminated. 

Each applicant should: 

  • Submit a resume and motivation letter.
  • Attend an interview & training session.
  • Have PRODIREKT engaged as your academic advisor and be currently enrolled in one of the programs introduced by PRODIREKT.
  • Remain our International Ambassador for the duration of your studies and, as alumni, for at least one year after graduation.

We look forward to your becoming a part of our team and a role model for other students who will experience our academic advising.

Note: The international student ambassador position is a temporary role and does not constitute any offer of employment or formal contract by PRODIREKT.

Meet some of our International Student Ambassadors here.

We often work with our education partners to deliver various international student ambassador programs. That way PRODIREKT students have a chance to be awarded from our partner schools additional, very valuable scholarships for their work as ambassadors. For example, for the selected students, our Canadian partner Brock University cuts their tuition fees from the international rate to the domestic rate – a discount of about CAD18,000. See below how our student, Joana Xavier from Brazil, applied for Brock University’s student ambassador program.

PRODIREKT International Student Ambassador Program


PRODIREKT is an internationally accredited and leading academic consultancy and education group, specializing in satisfying study abroad needs of students coming from emerging markets.

PRODIREKT and the Verbalists Education & Language Network are accredited by the world’s leading language travel and higher education associations, such as, English UK, StudyTravel Network, Trinity College London, StudyWorld, FEDELE Spain, FELTOM Malta, German ICEF, and many more (for more info click here). This provides all our clients and students with a guarantee of high quality service and education.

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