A real balancing act of one excellent social media in education

As featured in Schools & Agents, a leading online publication and network in the field of International Education:

Few education media can claim the level of devotion earned by PRODIREKT and the Verbalists Education Network, home to language education and study abroad. With almost 2 million views and counting, the Verbalists YouTube Channel is easily among the world’s most popular for study abroad, while the Facebook Business Page boasts about 100,000 members. The LinkedIn pages of both PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education have thousands of followers, and the Communication & Languages Group has become the place where education industry professionals post and exchange views. So, what makes the Verbalists social media so successful, we asked Dejan Trpkovic, Managing Director of PRODIREKT and the founder of the Verbalists Education & Language Network: READ MORE

Schools & Agents featured the campaign “The Gift of Language” of Verbalists and PRODIREKT

The humanitarian campaign “The Gift of Language,” which is being delivered by PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education & Language Network, is featured on Schools & Agents, a leading online publication and network in the field of International Education.

SCHOOLS & AGENTS: Speaking of this venture, Dejan Trpkovic, Founder of Verbalists Education & Language Network and managing director of PRODIREKT, told us: “The gift of language changes lives, so we want to improve the lives of those who save our lives. We are privileged to be able to partner on this project with one of the world’s leading language educators, LAL, which will deliver 4-week courses in their online General English classes.” See here details of that media coverage.

More info about this campaign can be accessed here.

Swing (to English) to cure depression, The Jive Aces with Verbalists

Actors, musicians, leading professionals and many other distinguished people are also members of the Verbalists Communication & Language Network. We bring you today the highlights of our last summer’s interview with The Jive Aces, who have firmly established themselves as the UK’s No.1 jive & swing band. READ MORE