talent management/management appraisal

Consultants at PRODIREKT are well positioned to conduct management appraisals, having acquired high-level evaluation and benchmarking abilities from their regular senior management posts in various industries. This allows them to calibrate managers against their peer group, which has consistently delivered exceptional value to our clients.

talent management
The objective is to predict the likely future performance of each manager as precisely as possible

The objective of every engagement is to provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis of their management resources. Every Management Appraisal uses a proven methodology based on fifteen years of experience, which is tailored to the specific requirements of each client situation.

Evaluation process
Our independent assessment process has been developed to ensure the most reliable and accurate evaluation of management. The objective is to predict the likely future performance of each manager as precisely as possible. Each manager is appraised on the basis of three main sources of information. First, their academic and professional background; second, a structured interview conducted by two PRODIREKT consultants; and third, a reference-taking exercise. This is carried out by the consultants who interviewed the executives and includes confidential discussions with superiors, peers, subordinates and occasionally external references, where appropriate.

Reporting and consulting
The results of the evaluation are presented in a decision-oriented format, which allows the client to assimilate the information rapidly and comprehend fully our insight into each executive. This permits swift, decisive action based on the assessments and recommendations. Our report is typically in two parts.

The first is a written document and oral briefing on each of the executives. Each individual is assessed against the agreed evaluation framework, benchmarked against the market and assessed in terms of future potential. Recommendations on relevant appointments, promotions and development needs are included. A summary of key findings for the whole group appraised, highlights skill gaps and critical competency issues. It may also identify opportunities to reassign key executives, or suggest programs to improve the performance of the organization. The summary may also compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of different divisions or functional teams, suggesting a change in the deployment of human capital across the client’s organization.

Talent Management
PRODIREKT has been increasingly assisting companies with change management as part of management appraisals. We support our clients in drawing up and introducing development programs for executive management, working with concepts for methodically supported personnel development. Customized evaluation and development processes for future-oriented talent management are especially in demand.

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