Are we witnessing a Facebook crisis or an existential crisis faced by the media itself?

TIME published a new cover asking readers if they were ready to “Delete Facebook.” Before joining in the relentless Facebook bashing (spearheaded by the traditional media), perhaps it is good to consider the following. READ MORE

Agents will play a key role in rebuilding international enrolments post-pandemic

In the latest episode of ICF’s continuing podcast series, Craig Riggs (editor of ICEF Monitor) and Martijn van de Veen (vice-president of business development) discuss some of the trends shaping student mobility this quarter, including some important developments in China and new student loan supports for international students. They are joined by Vincenzo Raimo, a global higher education specialist, who expands on some of his ongoing research on education agents and their increasingly important role in international recruitment. READ MORE

In English teaching, is native speaker really better than non-native teacher?

Okay….here’s a question: Why does our industry still do that ridiculous thing of defining a language teacher by where they’re from? The Native Speaker Fallacy can’t still survive…can it? Does speaking a language qualify one to teach it? READ MORE