Master’s degree graduate in immunobiology gaining business skills at ILAC Vancouver – Jelena’s story

Our recent attendance of the Canada Partnership Forum in Vancouver, organized by the International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC), was an ideal opportunity to get together with our students who enrolled in ILAC’s language courses or college programs. During the education event, we had the pleasure to spend several days with Jelena, a 25 year old master’s graduate of Immunobiology from Belgrade. PRODIREKT academic advisors counseled Jelena last year and helped her successfully enroll in the Business Administration program of ILAC’s School of Business.

Jelena has been improving her business skills and English while attending a one year long academic part of the Business Administration program, however, she has also been gaining her work experience during the studies. Students who are enrolled full-time in either the Sales & Marketing Diploma, Business Administration or Service Excellence for Business are permitted to work off-campus for up to 20 hours per week during their study component and up to 40 hours per week during their co-op work experience.

Although still not completely settled in Vancouver, in our conversation, Jelena did not hide her liking for that city, known for its healthy-sporty life, incredible nature and scenery, as well as high standard of living. After graduating, she plans to start her career in the health industry, and maybe even stay in Canada and take advantage of the growing economy in that country. This charming and ambitious young lady is definitely following her dream. When we asked her in our first consultation “Why Canada?”, she quickly replied – “I want to get a chance to be valued and appreciated right away – as a young professional with high academic achievements.”

In the following video, Jelena tells us about her experience while studying at ILAC:

About ILAC International College

ILAC International College is a leading Private Career College that offers career-focused programs in Business, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Their boutique campuses are located in the heart of Toronto and Vancouver. ILAC International College is accredited by provincial and federal bodies designated to ensure high-quality programs and industry relevant training.


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