Staying ahead of the game – PRODIREKT at ICEF Toronto, the most important North American event for education professionals

Toronto Internatiional Education Events PRODIREKT

May 13-16, 2022 ICEF Toronto, the largest North American event for international education professionals

19–MAY–2022 | There was a great deal of excitement leading up to ICEF Toronto, with many in the education industry looking forward to catching up with friends and colleagues in person after such a long period apart. And this year’s ICEF Toronto event certainly did not disappoint. A total of 414 educators representing 248 institutions from Canada and the US joined the event.


International students are facing a sharp increase in rental prices in Europe

European rental pricing for international students Verbalists Language Network

The latest research has shown that international students in Europe are faced with an average annual price increase of 14.5% across all rental property types, (12% for private rooms, 16.2% for studios, and 15.2% for apartments), exceeding the pre-pandemic rental prices in Europe in all segments.

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Is education in the US worth it?

Studying in the US - is it worth it, PRODIREKT
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Is studying in the US worth it? Verbalists Education Beyond Borders Podcast

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What do students say about the value of education in the US

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LinkedIn quality recognition for the Communication and Languages Group

Communication and Languages Group on LinkedIn

The Communication and Languages Group recognized as one of LinkedIn’s “most engaging”

LinkedIn has just recognized the Communication and Languages Group as one of the best managed and most engaging groups on LinkedIn and selected it for their Inner Circle Program. The participation in the Program means that this Group will be afforded higher exposure and special features on the LinkedIn platform, thereby further enhancing its members’ experience and readership of the published content.


Dangerous lack of student diversity for the main study abroad countries

Student diversity for the main study abroad countries, PRODIREKT Group

05-FEB-2022 | Australia’s new Strategy for international Education sets the government’s strategy for the next ten years. According to the report “The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that dependence on a small number of markets is not sustainable.” Students from only five countries make up 72% of the international student population in Australia. This has flagged the over-concentration of source countries as a risk to the Higher Education Sector.  

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