Work & study in Canada, Jelena’s story

Master’s degree graduate in immunobiology gaining business skills at ILAC Vancouver

Our recent attendance of the Canada Partnership Forum in Vancouver, organized by the International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC), was an ideal opportunity to get together with our students who enrolled in ILAC’s language courses or college programs. During the education event, we had the pleasure to spend several days with Jelena, a 25 year old master’s graduate of Immunobiology from Belgrade. PRODIREKT academic advisors counseled Jelena last year and helped her successfully enroll in the Business Administration program of ILAC’s School of Business. READ MORE

How was studying and working in Canada for Valentina, Alexandre and Pedro

Valentina and Alexandre met in France. They decided to enroll in the Business Administration Program at ILAC College in Vancouver! And Pedro, Valentina’s brother, just couldn’t stay behind 🙂

The details of the program these students attended can be seen here.

Take a look at the video testimonial below and how they described their higher education Canadian experience: