The importance of role models in choosing our career or life path

The power of role models and their influence on us cannot be underestimated. This is particularly true for young people. Whether they are a parent, an athlete, a musician, an actor, or someone else, young people are going to latch onto someone and their accompanying philosophy. They will be influenced by that person’s words, because at their young age they lack the experience and wisdom to know otherwise. When it comes to celebrity role models, media and educators can enhance celebrities’ positive or negative influence on teens, so do we then have the responsibility to channel and explain the messages conveyed by the famous? READ MORE

The new challenges for schools and online learning

When language schools were forced to suspend in-person classes earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic many switched immediately to online delivery in order to continue teaching currently enrolled students.

Students and agents now face a myriad of online learning programs, many of them with questionable pricing and quality. Should online language learning courses be just a simple Zoom or Skype teaching, or should they be developed into true E-learning systems taught by trained teachers? READ MORE

Experiencing is believing – the importance of familiarization (FAM) trips

Seeing is believing – not enough anymore! In an increasingly competitive marketplace, educators are pressed to show what makes them the best in certain areas. So, please use the fam (familiarization) trips to show, rather than just tell.

There is a growing number of international educators who use familiarization (fam) trips to showcase the great things about their school, staff and students, as well as their home city and location. Such tours also strengthen working relationships between schools and student recruitment agents. Nevertheless, there are still educators, especially the ones working at full capacity, that see fam trips as work disturbance and/or waste of money. READ MORE