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Foreign Languages and the Social Language Network Verbalisti Show a Shiny New Internet Face in Serbia and Montenegro

Belgrade, Serbia – 9 April 2012 – Verbalisti, the best known communication and social language network in southeast Europe, owned by PRODIREKT LLC, today has officially promoted its brand new website in Serbian at The social language network Verbalisti is created for language aficionados and people wishing to improve their communication skills.

In line with the network philosophy to actively use new media and entertainment in attracting, connecting and educating its users, the Verbalisti website offers multitude of photo galleries and video clips. It also stands out from many other websites dealing with education and communication by the clarity of its design, user-friendliness and transparency in presenting terms and conditions of booking a language course abroad. Users can easily research and compare the prices and content of various language programs, the information given is clear and complete, while video clips offer additional insight into colleges, accommodation facilities and other students’ testimonials.

And last but not least, Verbalisti have made sure we would happily visit their cyber corner repeatedly by featuring two branded media categories InSpotlight and Speak Your Mind! Here you’ll find the Verbalisti interviews with the famous actors, singers, directors local and international, interesting experiences of the leading businessmen, film and concerts announcements and reviews, as well as excellently produced video reports on the latest developments in foreign languages, communication and media.

Review by Aleksandar Jovanovic
Editor-in-Chief of Programs AKTUELNO and Automedija
B2B Interactive Media Group

About PRODIREKT LLC and Communication Network Verbalisti (Verbalists)
PRODIREKT ( provides strategic management and executive education and training in the Balkan region. PRODIREKT’s innovative solutions for corporate management, marketing and international business communication offer a bridge between strategy and education, while its business group and social network Verbalisti, dedicated to language studies and professional training, helps young professionals and business people achieve their objectives in international communication.

The communication and language network Verbalisti ( has been created for language lovers and all those wishing to improve their communication skills. Furthermore, Verbalisti are the answer to the growing demand for the regional standardization in foreign language studies. Verbalists offer quality language courses for students of all ages and levels according to their various budget needs.

Verbalisti Supporting Musical Education at the Famous Regional Nisville Jazz Festival

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Belgrade, August 14th, 2011 – PRODIREKT and the language network Verbalisti have partnered with the organizers of the largest jazz festival in Southeast Europe – Nisville, with the cooperation recently extending to the possibility of musical education.

Nisville Jazz Festival poster

Nisville jazz festival

This year again, the organizers set up several performing stages within the walls of the enchanted Nis fortress, which became a great playground for the vibrant summer Festival spectacle. In the course of four days, from 11th to 14th August, the jubilant spectators had the opportunity to see the famous jazzists and celebrities, such as, the saxophone player Hans and Candy Dulfer, swing band “Jive Aces”, trumpet player Tom Harell, the guitar wizard Stanley Jordan as well as Vasil Hadzimanov and Lena Kovacevic.

As every year, the Festival has organized a free workshop for vocals and most of the jazz instruments – the piano, guitar, base, brass and wood wind instruments.

Verablisti used this unique opportunity to meet and talk to the most prominent Festival performers; their interviews can be seen at your and our Facebook site and the YouTube channel. Let’s start with the certainly most energetic, and in our opinion, visually most attractive band on the Nis stages; meet the leading British band Jive Aces:



English Language Courses and Summer Vacation with Verbalisti in Malta

Interview with Jasmina Saric
A1 Television
in Prodirekt office in Skopje, Macedonia
June 10, 2011

TV Show Exclusive Featuring Verbalisti as the Main Supporter of the Macedonian Pop Idol Talent Show (VIDEO)

Skopje, Macedonia – April 17, 2011 – Ivanna Hadzievska, the host of the popular TV show Exclusive, speaks to Jasmina Saric, director of educational programs, PRODIREKT, at the onset of the Pop Idol finals about her company’s media and educational support for this talent show.

TV show Exclusive featuring Verbalisti as the main supporter of the talent show Macedonian Pop Idol

Ivanna Hadzievska, A1 TV (left) and Jasmina Saric, PRODIREKT

PRODIREKT, a company that owns one of the fastest growing educational social network Verbalisti, will award a two-week language course at Kings Colleges for the first Macedonian Pop Idol. Even at the very start of the of the Macedonian Pop Idol finals, language education has become a true hit among the young in Macedonia, while the Facebook page Verbalisti hit the record on April 3 by getting more than 1,000 new members.

About Pop Idol in Macedonia
Macedonian Idol Season 1 (Macedonian: Македонски идол – Makedonski Idol) is the first season of the Macedonian version of the worldwide known talent franchise series Pop Idol. The show started airing on November 13, 2010 on the Macedonian national television A1, while the auditions commenced in the summer 2010. Ivanna Hadzievska and Nenad Gjeorgjievski, famous for being hosts of the show-magazine A1 Exclusive, are the hosts of the show. Three Macedonian celebrities have been chosen to be the judges: Kaliopi Bukle (singer), Igor Dzambazov (TV host, singer and actor) and Toni Mihajlovski (TV host and actor). Ten Macedonian cities are included: Ohrid, Kavadarci, Strumica, Veles, Štip, Kumanovo,Skopje, Bitola, Tetovo and Prilep. Twenty candidates have been chosen for the final cut of the show.

Interview in the Macedonian language:
Ivanna Hadzievska, A1 TV and Jasmina Saric, PRODIREKT
Show Program Exclusive, April 19, 2011



Do You Speak Globish? (AUDIO)

Automedija Interview: Jasmina Saric, PRODIREKT (Verbalisti)
Do you speak “Globish?”
Radio Program on Radio Novosti, Belgrade, Serbia
and 72 Radio Stations in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina
November 9, 2010