Our visit to one of the world’s best football camps, Manchester City Football and Language School

Our visit to one of the world’s best football camps, Manchester City Football and Language School

25-FEB-2016 | Best Football Camps – PRODIREKT and Verbalists representatives enjoyed the privilege of being one of the select few companies to be invited to an exclusive Manchester City Football Language School VIP event.

Experience English organized an invite only event so that educators from around the world could get to know the Manchester City’s elite football school and its teaching method and facilities.

At noon, we arrived to perhaps the UK’s most happening town in the world of football – home to the current UK champion club, Manchester City. Our tour began with a visit to the impressive Etihad Campus, which at its grand opening in 2014 had widespread media coverage, and what we saw explains the high media interest. With 16 football courts of various surfaces, gyms and restaurants, superb accommodation facilities, no wonder some consider this to be the best football academy in the world.

Best Football Camps: Manchester City Football Language School

The tour of the impressive media center and press desk was probably most interesting and educational. Here we learned first hand how professional footballers and their coaches handle media relations and the importance of English language skills for each player. We were also shown a video teaser of the Man City football academy and given a presentation which excellently portrayed the daily routine of the camp.

Then we took a stroll through Connell College, which forms part of the Etihad Campus, located right next to the stadium. Here is where our students have English classes and workshops, with a fantastic view of the football pitches outside. We witnessed the interactive language sessions and saw the photo display of some of our students in action.

As if this detailed visit was not enough to impress us, the cherry on top was definitely the Premier League match between Manchester City and Leicester City, ending, unfortunately for the “blues,” with a victory of the visiting team (1:3).

After this visit, we are confident each one of our young Verbalists learners will have an unforgettable experience training and learning there. For more information on the enrollment process and how to become part of the Manchester City Football Language School’s dream team, please click here.

We took lots of photos to bring our excitement closer to you and show you what some Verbalists have already experienced and what is awaiting our future players, take a look at some of them:

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