Teacher training in London, Laura’s story

Laura Zanella from Trento, Italy, approached our language education group with a need to improve her English language teaching skills and to earn a teaching certification. Laura’s testimonial may be helpful if you are thinking of furthering your ESOL teaching career:

“I was born in Canada and am currently living in an Italian town called Trento, where I’m working as a teacher of English. I met representatives from the Verbalists Language Network at a business meeting this year, organised by the Maltese IELS School, and I must admit, they won me over straight away with their approach to language learning. Following their advice and recommendation, I enrolled in READ MORE

ELTA in Serbia, English Language Learning through Social Media and Entertainment

English Language Teachers’ Association in Serbia Features the Network Verbalisti in the IT for ET

In recent years social media has become a predominant factor in our daily communication, especially among young people, who ‘hang out’ on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter via their laptops or mobile devices almost around the clock. We update our status on (un)usual events in our lives, write on our friends’ walls or just tweet an interesting link from any imaginable sphere of life. Such is the power of social media that the rumor has it that if news/information is not on Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, it literally did not happen.

So, why not use this trend of massification of online communication also as a means to attracting (young) people to learn languages in a funny, informal and laid-back way? READ MORE

English Learning Got Stronger – French Education Ministry Chooses English Attack!

Paris, France – April 10, 2012 – PRODIREKT’s partner in providing innovative language learning in Serbia and the Balkans, company Entertainment Learning, with its product English Attack!, has been named official pedagogical partner and content supplier to English By Yourself, the national online portal for English language learning developed by the French Education Ministry. Tha partnership was announced at a press event in Paris by French Education Minister Luc Chatel.

English Attack! chosen as content provider for new French Education Ministry portal for learning English

The portal has been created and will be operated by the Centre National d’Enseignement a Distance (Cned), the French Education Ministry’s distance-learning unit. Like English Attack!, the Cned is active in the promotion of informal, lifelong education and autonomous learning for a wide audience. Every day, English By Yourself will feature freshly updated content from English Attack!, specifically: the Video Booster of the Day, the Verb Dash learning game, and the Photo Vocab of the Day.

English Attack! has been created in consultation with linguists and Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, and implements a novel pedagogical approach to language learning based on cognitive neuroscience.

PRODIREKT expects to launch the first local language versions of English Attack! in June 2012.

About the Cned

The Centre National d’Enseignement a Distance (Cned) is a national public sector organization appointed by the French Ministries of Education and Higher Learning, and is tasked with the promotion and enabling of distance learning, in particular via information and communication technologies.

About Entertainment Learning/English Attack!

Entertainment Learning was founded in 2009, based on the vision of transforming education via web 2.0 principles and the power of online entertainment. It is represented by Marketing Partners in 12 countries covering 15 markets, with offices in Paris, Dusseldorf, Warsaw, Prague, Istanbul, Barcelona, Chicago, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Seoul and Bangkok. Its first online service, English Attack!, was developed in partnership with a range of English-teaching professionals, and delivers a truly innovative approach to language learning, based on cognitive neuroscience and the use of learning concepts derived from the latest language learning pedagogy as well as principles based on learning games.

About PRODIREKT LLC and Communication Network Verbalisti (Verbalists)

PRODIREKT (www.prodirektgroup.com) provides strategic management and executive education and training in the Balkan region. PRODIREKT’s innovative solutions for corporate management, marketing and international business communication offer a bridge between strategy and education, while its business group and social network Verbalisti, dedicated to language studies and professional training, helps young professionals and business people achieve their objectives in international communication.

The communication and language network Verbalisti (www.facebook.com/verbalisti) has been created for language lovers and all those wishing to improve their communication skills. Furthermore, Verbalisti are the answer to the growing demand for the regional standardization in foreign language studies. Verbalists offer quality language courses for students of all ages and levels according to their various budget needs.