Positive youth development with the Ridley College Cadet Program

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PRODIREKT’s academic advisors were invited by Ridley College, one of the world’s most prestigious schools, to be their guest last week. We spent two days at this beautiful school, located near lake Ontario, just 20 minutes west of famous Niagara Falls. On that occasion, we also had a unique opportunity to witness the Ridley College cadets on parade for annual inspection. We were told that there were few school traditions as ceremonious and colorful as Ridley’s Cadet Program, and we couldn’t agree more. READ MORE

Student testimonials, our perspective

How important are student testimonials

Schools & Agents (S&A) interview with Dejan Trpkovic, PRODIREKT, published on 27 November 2018:

The Importance of Student Testimonials – An Agent’s Perspective

In this day and age selling has become quite an aggressive business – be it the selling of tangible products as well as the selling of services. Education, is by no means an exception to this rule. Nowadays we are living in a world which uses every possible medium to spread the world about whatever it is that Company X or Business Y has to offer. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that when it boils down to making a decision about their future, students all over the world need all the reassurance they can get. READ MORE