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Serbian language translation services for the European Union institutions

Simultaneous interpretation (otherwise known as simultaneous translation) provides bi-lingual support in real time. Rendering the source language into the target language, a simultaneous interpreter will sit within a sound proof booth and interpret what is being said via a microphone which is then relayed via headsets worn by the recipients of the target language. The EU parliament, with its many different languages, frequently makes use of simultaneous interpreters.

Prodirekt translations conference services draw from our broad network of linguists who are competent in working with groups of any size and are adept in an exceptionally wide range of industry specializations.

Upon receipt of your inquiry our staff will listen to your requirements and discuss with you the various options available to suit your needs. We can make sure the simultaneous interpreter we provide you is not only a fluent and highly eloquent speaker of the necessary language, but also fluent in the specific terminology that will be used in the job, whether medical, technical or legal. We also endeavor to source the interpreter from as close to the client as possible so as to minimize transport costs.

Whispered interpreting is one of the techniques our specialist interpreters can offer you. Sometimes called by its French name, “chuchotage,” whispered interpretation is used when the meeting is taking place in one language (English, for example) and one or two delegates speak a different language. The interpreter sits beside the delegate – or in the case of site visits, walks with the delegate – and whispers the interpretation to him or her during the meeting. It’s a less formal type of language interpretation.

When is whispered interpretation used?

  • Business negotiations
  • Site visits (workshops, factories, etc)
  • One-to-one or small group meetings

What are the advantages and disadvantages of whispered interpretation?

  • Whispered interpreting requires no special equipment, no booths or headphones or microphones.
  • It is convenient and informal.
  • Best where only two languages are being used (usually English and one other language).
  • It is most helpful when a small number of foreign language speakers need interpretation – not more than one or two.

Reference project

Serbian and English translation for the European Union projects and conferences

Simultaneous interpreting performed by Prodirekt – languages: Serbian, English and French

Conference: “Parliaments in a changing Europe: Citizens and representative institutions in modern governance”

Dates: 10th and 11th September 2013
Venue: House of the National Assembly of Serbia
Participants: 265

This Conference was held in the framework of the EU funded Twinning project “Strengthening Capacities of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia in the EU Integration Process” aiming to increase efficiency, liability and transparency of the National Assembly of Serbia in the EU integration process.

During the two days of the Conference participants debated about the relations between parliaments and civil society, European and national dimension of citizens’ rights, strategies of governance and decentralization, inter-parliamentary communication and modernization of the parliaments, with speeches from high ranking officials from EU national parliaments and international experts.

The project is implemented by the Hellenic Parliament and the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.


Prodirekt simultaneous interpreters cover conferences & conventions, advertising campaign launches, depositions, small business meetings, religious services, tours & training and much more. For more information or a quote, contact us or call +381-11 262-3726

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