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Verbalists Interview: Ivan Radenov
The first Macedonian Pop Idol
Skopje, Macedonia
October 2011

Prodirekt, a company which owns one of the fastest growing educational social networks Verbalists, awarded a two-week language course at KINGS COLLEGES to the first Macedonian Pop Idol. Even at the very start of the of the Macedonian Pop Idol finals, the language education became a true hit among the young in Macedonia, while the Verbalists Facebook business page recorded more than 1000 new members in just one week. Ivan will improve his English at KINGS COLLEGES, one of the oldest and most prestigious language institutions in the UK, with the tradition spanning over 54 years and centres in London, Oxford and Bournemouth, the English Riviera gem.

Macedonian Idol Season 1 (Macedonian: Македонски идол – Makedonski Idol) was the first season of the Macedonian version of the worldwide known talent franchise series Pop Idol. The show started airing on November 13, 2010 on A1 TV and finished airing on May 30, 2011 with the big final held in Metropolis Arena, Skopje. The winner was Ivan Radenov from Gevgelija. As first runner-up finished Miki Sekulovski and second runner-up Dejan Jovanov.


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Actors, musicians, leading professionals and many other distinguished people are also members of the Verbalists social communication and language network. Here you can find out what they have to say about languages, communication skills and their travel experiences. Many of our Speak Your Mind! interviews have been licensed and broadcast by television, radio and Internet media.

Prodirekt does interviews and covers the latest trends in the communication industry on a daily basis, so stay tuned for new additions at our YouTube channel. We bring you here one of the interviews we did in August, 2011 with the leading British swing band “Jive Aces” at the famous regional Nisville Jazz Festival:


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