Stanley Jordan, famous guitar player, and his magic touch for Verbalists’ language fans (VIDEO)

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Stanley Jordan and his magic touch for Verbalisti language fans
Stanley Jordan is best known for his development of the tapping technique for the guitar

In 2008, the Verbalists Language Network partnered with one of the largest jazz festivals in Europe – Nisville. Three years later that cooperation has been extended to musical education. The Nisville Jazz Festival features workshops every year, aiming at educating young people through music.

The Festival conducted a free workshop in August 2011 for vocals and most of the jazz instruments – the piano, guitar, base, brass and wood wind instruments. Verbalists used this unique opportunity to meet and talk to one of the most prominent Festival performers and the guitar wizard Stanley Jordan: READ MORE

Yoni Vidal – the Balkan music is fascinating (VIDEO)

Verbalisti communication and language network

Verbalists interview with Yoni Vidal

Verbalists Interview: Yoni Vidal
Guitarist, Vocalist, Arranger and Music Composer
Nisville Jazz Festival
August 14, 2011

Yoni Vidal Vaz was born on May 28, 1968 from Spanish parents. Already at age 13 he started playing a guitar, while at 23, after completing his traditional and musical studies at the academy, he has begun his career as a professional musician.

Yoni traveled all over the world and worked on many projects as a singer and guitarist. But Yoni Vidal is more than a good entertainer on stage. He is a composer and arranger. His latest work is the CD album “Spice Road”, a mix of spanish guitar with sounds of Asia.

We talked to him at Nisville, famous regional jazz festival, about his career, traveling adventures, languages, music he plays… READ MORE

The Attraction of Success

PRODIREKT Management Communication and Development

Monthly magazine PRESTUP features an interview with Dejan Trpkovic about the career aspects and his views and expectations of the Serbian market

Read the full article in the Serbian language: PRIVLAČNOST USPEHA, Olivera Miloš Todorović, Prestup

Olivera Milos Todorovic of PRESTUP, a cutting edge independent monthly, talks to Dejan Trpkovic, the founder of PRODIREKT, one of the leading management development firms in Serbia and Montenegro, about his career, views of his home country business landscape, the winds of change in local marketing and PR, and how he sees his country in the future.

The Attraction of Success, by Olivera Milos Todorovic, Prestup, November 26, 2004Dejan Trpkovic graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Economics and got his MBA at the University of Colorado in Denver, USA. At the young age of 31, he assumed Regional Director position in Hasbro and headed, first from London, and then from Vienna the regional business for one of the world’s largest corporations. Four years later, he moved into the world of telecommunications and digital media and became Vice President of the fast-growing company World-Link, based in New York. After accomplishing a great career abroad, Dejan returned to Belgrade, his birthplace. It’s a common thing for people who have lived abroad for a long time to idealize their home country. Questioned whether he actually knew what he was coming back to when the decision to return home for good had been made, Dejan answered with certainty: READ MORE