The BAS Program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Featured PRODIREKT Business Advisory Services as One of the Best in Serbia

PRODIREKT Management Communication and Development

Belgrade, Serbia – December 20, 2007 – Meteor SN Biro, a company based in Belgrade, a Canon representative and one of the major regional players in office-equipment sales and distribution, approached Business Advisory Service (BAS) in Serbia for consulting and financial assistance in restructuring its business operations. The BAS grant is a key component of BAS Program assistance, thus helping financially constrained enterprises, such as Meteor SN Biro, to access prime consultancy services. The new market economy and growing competition put pressure on this 15-year old company to improve organizational efficiency, and to restructure the company so that further growth – and the business relationship with the main supplier, Canon – could be sustained.

On April 17, 2007, Meteor SN Biro retained PRODIREKT, a management consultancy and HR development firm accredited by the BAS program, to help the company improve its operations. PRODIREKT developed the project, with the goal to implement two separate business improvement processes within  60 days – a business audit and a series of introductory HR training sessions.

Meteor SN Biro
PRODIREKT conducted a series of introductory HR training sessions to improve communication and organizational efficiency in Meteor SN Biro

PRODIREKT completed the project on time, while providing Meteor SN Biro with the detailed description of the company’s current state, and the recommendations of how to improve the business processes and management structure. During the business process audit, PRODIREKT considered the macro and micro aspects of Meteor SN Biro: strategic and goal setting process; planning function; connections between the company’s departments; reporting structure and involvement of employees at various decision making levels; staffing; ties between job descriptions, incentive systems, activities, and processes; performance evaluations.

Upon the completion of the second stage of the business audit, PRODIREKT conducted a series of introductory HR training sessions, namely:

  • Business Communication and Human Behaviour
  • Organizational Behaviour and Work Efficiency
  • Team Management & Leadership

The main part of the training was devoted to all company employees, aimed at improving verbal and non-verbal communication internally, within the company, and externally, with the suppliers and customers. The second part of the training concentrated on enhancing employee work efficiency through team building, better time management, better problem solving and decision making, etc. The last part of the HR development, related to the team management and leadership training, was provided for the company management.

The HR training was received extremely well by the employees and management of Meteor SN Biro, and showed immediate, positive results regarding internal personal relations, and the communication process.

Meteor SN Biro gave the business advisory services of PRODIREKT the highest remarks in the BAS Program’s consultancy work evaluation, while BAS Program in Serbia featured PRODIREKT’s business advice and services to Meteor SN Biro as one of the best projects performed in 2007.

About BAS Program
Business Advisory Service (BAS) is the program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which has successfully implemented 6,600 projects in 22 countries. The program backs the development of small and mid-sized enterprises in transition countries by providing business advice and services, as well as the development of domestic consulting market. The Government of the Kingdom of Netherlands has been a donor of the BAS program in Serbia, and until November 2011, it provided donations in the amount of 3 million Euros. BAS supports local private companies in all industrial branches in various segments of management and business consulting. An approved project is supported with a grant amounting up to 50% of the net costs of the project, while the total grant cannot exceed 10,000 Euros.

French Embassy Commends Prodirekt for Creating and Implementing its Communication Strategy and PR Services in Serbia

prodirekt monogram posts6

Belgrade, Serbia – March 23, 2005 – PRODIREKT announced a successful completion of the communication strategy for the French Embassy in Serbia. PRODIREKT, one of the leading communication strategy consultancies in Southeast Europe, was engaged during the period 2003-2005 to provide communication strategy and PR services for the French Embassy, while it was assisting the Serbian Government in the field of European integration.

PRODIREKT Leaflet for the Serbian EU Integration Office
PRODIREKT designed the series of publications and promotional material for the Serbian European integration processes (photo: Leaflet for the Serbian EU Integration Office)

Daniel Dobrovoljec, an overall project director, said: “We are very pleased with PRODIREKT’s professionalism, creativity and quality of work. The focal point of the PRODIREKT public relations services related to creative and production of the 12 publications for familiarizing civil servants and the public with the EU accession process. These publications cover EU Competition Rights, the Stabilization and Association Process, Project Cycle Management, Enlarged Europe, EU Regional Policy, Introduction to EU Law, the leaflets on the EU Integration Office, and on the Stabilization and Association Process and European Partnership.”

The successful completion of the PRODIREKT project was announced today in a joint press conference of France and Serbia, at which time the French Ambassador to Serbia-Montenegro, Hugues Pernet, and Head of the EU Integration Office, Radmila Milivojevic, confirmed their intentions to furthering the cooperation between France and Serbia in the European integration processes.

The European Agency for Reconstruction Approves the Communication Strategy for Serbia Developed by PRODIREKT

PRODIREKT EU 2004/2005 communication strategy plan

Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro – March 25, 2004 – PRODIREKT’s Annual Plan of Communication Activities for the Ministry of International Economic Relations receives a general approval from the European Agency for Reconstruction

Prodirekt successfully completed the 2004/2005 implementation plan of the communication strategy for the EU Stabilization and Accession Process in Serbia.

“The ongoing political and economic reforms in Serbia have caused a rise in unemployment, and an increase in wage inequality and income insecurity. In order to maintain the positive attitude towards the EU, we believe that it is important to feed information through the media channels that reach people in an environment which they appear to trust, like, special interest programs on television and print or media from non-governmental organizations,” says Dejan Trpkovic, founder of Prodirekt. “In the public information sphere, particular attention has to be paid to explaining the EU’s likely impact on the culture, national identity and sovereignty of Serbia and Montenegro. It is vital both to publicize the activities planned by the Government, and to explain the reasons behind them, if we are to decrease the alienation of the public in these instances.”

The EU 2004/2005 communication strategy plan received a general approval by the EAR, and was commended by the Ministry of International Economic Relations – Department for European Integration.

Prodirekt provides strategic management and human resource consultancy services to clients ranging from large corporations to emerging growth companies in southeast Europe, across a broad range of industries and sectors. The company has earned a reputation for successfully completing the most complex management searches in the region due to Prodirekt consultants’ in-depth knowledge of specific industry sectors and years of direct senior-level experience and long-standing relationships with top leaders.

Finding a successful manager

Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro – March 22, 2004 – Founder of Prodirekt in an interview with daily Danas speaks about managers and trends in executive search industry in southeast Europe

Dejan Trpkovic, founder of Prodirekt, the leading retained executive search firm in Serbia, was interviewed by Vesna Sekerezovic, of Danas, leading daily newspaper in Serbia and Montenegro (SCG), about the recruiting industry, its regional development trends and advantages of engaging management recruiters. READ MORE

The Serbian Integration Office Announced the Completion of Its EU Communications Strategy and Visual Identity by Prodirekt

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Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro – June 24, 2003 – The Department for European Integration (EI) today launched its “Communication Strategy on European Integration” and logo/identity at the government’s press office. The main goal of the EU Communication strategy is to ensure free and objective information flow for its citizens and better understanding of the EU Stabilisation and Association Process. A visual identity is one component of a broader campaign to promote the EU strategy. Ana Trbovic, Assistant Minister and Head of the department for European integrations, unveiled the logo that was created by Prodirekt.

PRODIREKT EU 2004/2005 communication strategy plan
Logo of the Serbian European Integration Office

The quadrangle logo features a letter “S” in Cyrillic (“C”) written by way of using yellow stars. The background is made of the EU and Serbian flag colors, blending at the mid-point.

Describing the cooperation with Prodirekt, Ana Trbovic said: “Prodirekt has helped create the overall image of the European Integration office, providing it with a comprehensive visual identity. Achieving the ease of understanding, the logo design clearly conveys the European integration message, while pronouncing the importance of preserving a national identity.” In addition to the main logo, Prodirekt produced a flyer for the wider public and designed several manuals for the Serbian civil servants. “Prodirekt work on the ABC of European Integration particularly stands out and has been commended by the Members of Serbian Parliament and the European Union representatives. They have made our publications recognizable, and as such, they represent a basis for a long-term education and information campaign on the European integration process,” added Ana Trbovic, head of the department for European integrations.