Our visit to one of the world’s best football camps, Manchester City Football and Language School

man city soccer schools who could you become verbalists

PRODIREKT and Verbalists representatives enjoyed the privilege of being one of the select few companies to be invited to an exclusive Manchester City Football Language School VIP event. Experience English, a group of high quality English language centres spread across the UK, organised an invite only event so that educators from around the world could get to know the Manchester City’s elite football school and its teaching method and facilities.

At noon, we arrived to perhaps the UK’s most happening town in the world of football – home to the current UK champion club, Manchester City. Our tour began with a visit to the impressive Etihad Campus, which at its grand opening in 2014 had widespread media coverage, and what we saw explains the high media interest. With 16 football courts of various surfaces, gyms and restaurants, superb accommodation facilities, no wonder some consider this to be the best football academy in the world.

The tour of the impressive media centre and press desk was probably READ MORE

A well run family school in the city of kind-hearted people, LILA* in Liverpool

well run beatles themed language school in liverpool verbalists

Who in the world hasn’t heard of Liverpool, the city that created one of, if not the most famous name in the music business – the Beatles. After one hour’s train journey from Manchester, we arrived in Liverpool, a city where you will find kind-hearted people, unusual and interesting architectural styles, a variety of pubs and clubs to suit everyone’s tastes, and to sum it all up, a student city, vibrant and young. Its docks used to represent a city of departures in search of a better life overseas; in more recent times, after a lot of investments, Liverpool has been a welcoming city where people love to come to. READ MORE

New dimensions in language learning in Southeast Europe

Language learning in Serbia, Verbalisti

IALC Workshop in Vienna revealed the increase in demand for learning languages other than English in Southeast Europe.

Belgrade, 19th September 2015 – Educational group PRODIREKT and the Verbalisti language network today announced new higher education partnerships which were forged at the workshop in Vienna, organized by IALC (International Association of Language Centres). During the workshop, which took place at the prestigious Vienna Savoy Hotel on 16th and 17th September 2015, 21 study travel agents met 16 IALC-accredited schools from 11 countries teaching 5 languages. READ MORE

PRODIREKT at the Berlin Workshop; the partnership with Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy announced

Berlin, Germany — November 8, 2014 — Representatives of the Verbalists Language Network and PRODIREKT just returned from the ICEF Berlin Workshop 2014, the world’s largest gathering of universities, language schools, education consultants, and agents. In contrast to student recruitment fairs and exhibitions, ICEF Workshops are closed to the general public. This year 2,343 participants travelled to Berlin for three days (02-04 November) of targeted meetings, seminars and networking held at the five-star InterContinental hotel. Overall, participants from 103 countries participated in 26,879 pre-scheduled meetings. READ MORE