The most important factors for South American students when planning for study in the USA

INTEAD has released a special edition report on emerging markets as part of their research series in collaboration with FPP EDU Media (Know Your Neighborhood, which aims to help US educators with recruiting and marketing in specific regions). The report is based on survey responses gathered over June and July last year from more than 12,000 respondents in Latin America and Africa. We will focus our article on South America given the fact that most students being advised and/or recruited by PRODIREKT and our Verbalists Language Network come from Mexico and Brazil. READ MORE

German ICEF Features Prodirekt Language Learning Poll and Analysis

The leading education organization in Europe ICEF features Prodirekt poll and analysis, relating to young language learners, in the Monitor.

Job opportunities have been shrinking with the global crisis and employers are becoming more selective; therefore, speaking English as a second language has become more important. The Verbalists survey points out that in developing economies the need for language education among young learners is perceived as a must, and that parents are willing to continue spending on their children’s education abroad even in harsh economic times. READ MORE

Young learners language education tops family budget priorities, shows the Verbalists survey in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia

Belgrade, Serbia – March 6, 2012 – PRODIREKT and its Verbalists Language Network today announced the results of the poll designed to discover how parents in the Balkans feel about the language education of their children. The visitors of the Verbalisti Facebook page were asked “How important is it for your children to learn a foreign language in the native speaking country?”. The survey was conducted in four countries – Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, during two time intervals – from 21st November to 21st December 2011, and from January 6 to February 6, 2012, and it generated enormous interest among the Verbalisti network fans and other Facebook members alike. The poll reached 247,757 people, while 1,566 participants cast their vote, with 1,226 of them saying that they would send their children to learn a foreign language in a native speaking country, regardless of the family budget constraints. READ MORE