career services

Great schools understand that an excellent education includes preparing students for the job market and the workplace, not just for exams. Success is measured not by the number of graduates, but how successful students are in their careers; how high students climb. PRODIREKT takes this to heart, that’s why we have placed a lot of emphasis on our Career Services.

As a global academic advising group, managed by experienced international executives, we are able to offer career guidance which enables our students/clients bridge the gap between the education and the employment worlds. This smooth transition is particularly important for the students coming from emerging markets who need to adjust to Western corporate cultures and job market forces.

Our Career Services will prepare you for your job search and to become the employee that companies want to keep. Those services may include:

Cover Letter and Resume Writing

Being able to communicate all the great skills you will learn in the classroom is crucial when applying for jobs. A review of format and structure, knowing how to write a great cover letter and resume immensely increases your chances of getting to the interview.

Interview Preparation

Showing you how to make a great first impression and carry the conversation for your job interview. It is essential to know what employers are looking for when they meet you for the first time. Knowing how to prepare, dress, and communicate will improve your chances of standing out.

Job Search Strategies

Knowing not just where but how to look saves you time and ensures that you will find the best opportunities. Having a job search strategy to find that ideal job will help guarantee better results.

From the first day of our helping you enroll at a college, to well after graduation, we are constantly working with you to provide guidance, resources, opportunities, and assistance.