Verbalists Announced the Winners of the Language Competition – Verbalize Yourself!

Belgrade, Serbia – June 24, 2011 – The regional language network Verbalists announced the winners of the competition “Verbalize Yourself!”, launched in May, 2011. What made the competition so unique was the fact that the jury evaluated not only creativity of the photo’s description, but also the succinctness of the written verbalization. A photo was to be described in English in no more than 200 characters.

The author of the best “verbalized” photo Angel Ristovski won a main prize — a two-week language scholarship in one of the leading language schools — Kings Colleges.

The Verbalists fans voted Marija Ilievska from Macedonia, with Facebook alias Krushevsko Chupe (Крушевско Чупе), to have the best photo and English verbalization. Marija was awarded a digital camera.

Verbalize Yourself! Competition, Elisaveta Stefanova, Bulgaria - 4th place
Photo: Elisaveta Stefanova, Bulgaria - 4th place; Photo Description: "I am just an old-fashioned girl, who believes in Magic. Wandering the streets of Belgrade I noticed this festival and I felt enchanted. I saw a real Fairy tale- brave knights and charming princesses -crossing my way".

There were 240 contestants who verbalized their photos, coming from no less than 18 countries: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Nepal, Egypt, Ukraine, Cameroon, Slovakia, Philippines, USA, Italia, Turkey, Uganda, Germany.


1. Angel Ristovski from Macedonia (The language trip to Oxford!!! – Kings Colleges)

2. Sladjana Jovic from Serbia (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English with CD ROM)

3. Ella Sheitanka from Croatia (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English with CD ROM)

4. Elisaveta Stefanova from Bulgaria (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English with CD ROM)

5. Ilija Jokso Joksic from Serbia (Set of Longman Penguin Readers)

6. Sava Cleaner Veselinović from Serbia (Set of Longman Penguin Readers)

7. Olivera Ivanovic-Klikovac from Montenegro (Set of Longman Penguin Readers)

The best photo in the opinion of the Verbalists fans: Krushevsko Chupe (Крушевско Чупе) from Macedonia (a digital camera)

Special prize for juniors: Mina Dinic from Serbia (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English with CD ROM)

You may see the entries of the winners on the Verbalisti Facebook business page, please click here

Interview: Competition “Verbalizuj se!”
Marija Ilievska – The Winner Voted by Facebook Verbalisti Fans


The Campaign Creative for Radio and Internet Advertising


PRODIREKT and Verbalists Support Language Education in Macedonia and the Talent Show Program “Pop Idol”

Prodirekt and the regional language network Verbalists will provide language travel prizes for the first two winners of the world’s renown show program Idol, held in Macedonia.

Verbalisti will take the winner of Idol to Kings Colleges in Great Britain, while a contestant who wins second place will enjoy English classes at sunny Malta in European School of English.

Verbalists is a brand of Prodirekt, which is a certified representative and partner of prestigious schools and colleges in world renowned university centres, such as Oxford and Cambridge.

The safety and wellbeing of young students is the language network’s top priority and that’s why all Verbalists’ groups are accompanied by an experienced group leader who looks after students’ welfare during their course attendance.

Verbalists are also the answer to the growing demand for the regional standardization in foreign language studies.


Pop Idol Finalists - PRODIREKT and Verbalists Support Language Education in Macedonia and the Talent Show Program Pop Idol


Dejan Trpkovic about Management Recruiting in Serbia and Montenegro in an Interview for Daily Politika

Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro – April 6, 2004 – The oldest and most prestigious daily newspaper in Serbia and Montenegro (SCG), POLITIKA, describes the growing management recruiting industry in the country in an interview with Dejan Trpkovic, the principal of Prodirekt, one of the leading management consulting and executive search firms in SCG.

PRODIREKT Dejan Trpkovic Interview in PolitikaMr. Trpkovic comments that Serbian experts living abroad are not returning in higher numbers to SCG since the gap in their salary expectations and market conditions are still too wide.

“Credit crunch and strained cash flow pose a major problem for fast growing small and medium size companies in attracting professional management,” says Trpković. He adds “Local managers are not interested in equity compensations.”

“It is not good to see that most local companies are still thinking that they are implementing strategic management when they plan three years in advance,” adds Dejan Trpkovic. “Senior managers should be able to predict market trends and be proactive in the positioning of their companies on the market.”

“Although we try to focus on the selection of senior executives, Prodirekt sometimes has to engage in the middle management searches. The market is simply not developed yet to the extent to make the searches for top management an exclusive business option,” explains Trpkovic why major international retained executive search firms are still not present in SCG.

Complete interview: Katarina Sekulic: “Turnkey solution for engaging the best professionals” in Politika (April 6, 2004, in the Serbian language). Download PDF version here.

Politika AD is the oldest newspaper publisher in the Balkans – founded in 1904. Politika Newspapers & Magazines, a part of Politika AD, was founded on March 1, 2002 as a joint venture between Politika AD and “Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung” (W.A.Z.) from Essen, Germany. Politika AD publishes three daily newspapers and 14 magazines – weeklies, bi-weeklies, and monthlies. Politika, a daily, is considered one of the most respectable newspapers in Southeast Europe.

Prodirekt provides strategic management and human resource consultancy services to clients ranging from large corporations to emerging growth companies in southeast Europe, across a broad range of industries and sectors. The company has earned a reputation for successfully completing the most complex management searches in the region due to Prodirekt consultants’ in-depth knowledge of specific industry sectors and years of direct senior-level experience and long-standing relationships with top leaders.