Prodirekt and Verbalists Language Education Network to represent Manchester City and King’s College programs

Belgrade, Serbia – 12th November 2015 – Educational group PRODIREKT LLC, along with its Verbalists Language Network, took part for the 5th time in the most important annual educational workshop held in Berlin, from 1st-3rd November, which was organised by the revered Berlin’s ICEF organisation.

More than 2,400 participants from over a hundred nations attended the 2015 workshop, particularly special as ICEF celebrates its 20th year in existence. Over the course of three days, filled with meetings and seminars, those who attended had the opportunity to reaffirm existing business partnerships, as well as create new ones, whilst catching up with the latest trends in the education sector on a global scale. READ MORE

Simultaneous Interpretation Services for the EU event in Macedonia

Committee of the RegionsPRODIREKT has been invited to provide simultaneous interpreting services for the Joint Consultative Committee’s 10th meeting to be held in Skopje on 3 June 2014, from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

The Committee of the Regions (CoR) is organising the event called Joint Consultative Committee EU – Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), which consists of the two sessions:


  • First session: The state of play of the enlargement process and the involvement of sub-national authorities
  • Second session: Report on “The possibilities and instruments available to local authorities to support the accession process – A focus on territorial cross-border cooperation”

Committee of the Regions, the meeting in Skopje, MacedoniaSimultaneous interpretation (SIM 4/4):
Passive languages: FR-EN-SL-MK
Active languages: FR-EN-SL-MK

If you are interested in this contract, please submit your CV in English and a quotation (for language pairs) by email to

No phone calls please; only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. All applications will be dealt with in strict confidence.

About PRODIREKT and Communication Network Verbalisti (Verbalists)
PRODIREKT provides strategic management and executive education and training in the Balkan region. PRODIREKT’s innovative solutions for corporate management, marketing and international business communication offer a bridge between strategy and education, while its business group, with the communication network Verbalisti, dedicated to language studies, professional training, interpreting and translating services, helps young professionals and corporate clients achieve their objectives in international communication.

ELTA in Serbia, English Language Learning through Social Media and Entertainment

English Language Teachers’ Association in Serbia Features the Network Verbalisti in the IT for ET

In recent years social media has become a predominant factor in our daily communication, especially among young people, who ‘hang out’ on Facebook or Twitter via their laptops or mobile devices almost around the clock. We update our status on (un)usual events in our lives, write on our friends’ walls or just tweet an interesting link from any imaginable sphere of life. Such is the power of social media that the rumour has it that if news/information is not on Tweeter, Facebook or LinkedIn, it literally did not happen.

So, why not use this trend of massification of online communication also as a means to attracting (young) people to learn languages in a funny, informal and laid-back way? READ MORE