Can international students receive a huge scholarship to top-ranked universities in the USA?

Harvard, MIT, and Yale give up to full scholarships for international students and this year students can apply without SAT or ACT.

Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, and Amherst are what in the USA is called “need-blind.” Need-blind admission means that the college will not take your student’s financial status into consideration while deciding on admission. If the student is admitted but the parents’ income is low, the need-blind school is obligated to give enough money so the student can attend the college. READ MORE

Study in Hungary – these are the best universities

Studying in Hungary is very popular among international students because the quality of education is high while the cost of living is low. One can continue their studies in such beautiful and pulsating cities like Budapest, Szeged, or Debrecen. Moreover, the Hungarian government offers a lot of different scholarships for those who decide to come to continue their studies in Hungary. READ MORE

Change to the quarantine rules in England, self-isolation for arrivals may be reduced to 6 days

The UK government announced a change to the quarantine rules. From 15th December, people arriving in England will be able to cut down the current 14-day quarantine period if they pay for a Covid test after five days. READ MORE