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language education – young learners and teen


Join Verbalisti network and travel the world

The language programs created for young adults and teens represent a mixture of learning in an international environment and varied social activities which include sightseeing, different sports and games and excursions. These activities are carefully supervised, and beside being fun, they are also a stimulating environment for language practice.

The safety and well-being of young students is our top priority and that’s why all our groups are accompanied by an experienced group leader who looks after students’ welfare during their course attendance. Meet some of our group leaders here.

We have also designed special activity courses – the language study is conducted in the morning, with highly qualified sport coaching in the afternoon, such as English with Football Coaching in Manchester City Football Club, or English with Sailing Coaching in Malta.

We are not just offering quality programs at reasonable prices – we’re offering an unforgettable learning experience. Contact us or visit Verbalisti Facebook business page, YouTube media channel or Verbalisti local language web site for more information, student testimonials, photos and videos.

If you want to engage in debate and discussion of your interest, or perhaps just to have some fun, visit our blogs for communication and foreign languages in Serbian STRANIJEZICIBLOG.COM and in Macedonian STRANSKIJAZICI.COM



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