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We provide accurate and consistent translations of products and content that strictly comply with our clients’ and international requirements for quality and cultural appropriateness. In addition, our linguists follow terminology and style guidelines that fully adhere to our client’s corporate culture and the expectations of their end users.

Translating languages can be done by easily available commercial software; however, the quality of the output, the fluency and other aspects of a spoken mode of communication lies beyond the capacity of such machine aids, which may result in a poor translation that depends mostly on predetermined rules and phrase databases. More often than not, machine aids prove inadequate to companies and organizations that need  genuine and immaculate language translations.

Rethinking Translation Services by ProdirektProdirekt recruits highly skilled professional linguists to translate documents and content in medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, business, consumer, defense, eLearning, government, legal, marketing, media, manufacturing, technology, telecoms, travel and hospitality, video games and other sectors. Our translations are performed, verified and supported by in-country linguists who have extensive experience in the specified subject field and are native speakers of the language to be translated.

Prodirekt caters to large conglomerates, small businesses, governments and individuals with specific demands, while providing translation services for all major languages, including the following European languages:

  • Slovenian
  • Croatian
  • Bosnian
  • Serbian
  • Montenegrin
  • Macedonian
  • Albanian
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian
  • Bulgarian
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Slovak
  • Russian

Confidentiality is of our utmost concern; therefore, all our translators are bound by strict confidentiality agreements. To increase confidentiality, customer information is removed from the text given to a translator whenever possible.

Certified Translation for legal or academic purposes – A translation is certified when is accompanied by a Certificate of Accuracy that states that the translation is a true copy of the original document signed by the translator or translation company representative. We offer Certified Translation of legal, personal and academic documents for immigration, colleges, employers.

The most competitive translation pricing

Serbian translatorsBefore we can give you a firm quote, we will need to see a representative sample of the document and discuss your exact requirements. We aim to process all quote requests within 1 business day of receiving them.

Our rates are based on the length of your document, the complexity of your project, the language to be translated, and the speed in which you need your project delivered. Documents that require specialized knowledge or exceptional turnaround time have those needs reflected in our rates. In general, prices are lower for more commonly requested languages, since there are more translators available.

Complex technical, medical and legal documents are likely to be more expensive than, say, general business correspondence. For this reason, we always ask to see a sample of the document before quoting a price. In this way we are able to assign a translator with the appropriate level of expertise at the most competitive price for the class of translation you have requested.

We also provide in-house publishing facilities that include typesetting facilities that are unique and comprehensive. Prodirekt is a one-stop solution for all things related to translation. Our teams of highly professional linguists train for far more than just the basic needs and requirements of our clients, and are known throughout the industry as proficient without equal.

To learn more about our translation services or how we can help reduce your translation costs, please contact us today or simply send us a message:


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