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Facilitating Interpreting is the term used to describe work which is less structured than Consecutive Interpreting or Simultaneous Interpreting assignments.

Sometimes you just need someone bilingual on hand who can help out with ad-hoc requirements during an event. Facilitating Interpreters are often hired to attend international corporate hospitality events and team building sessions. They are a great help in making your clients and staff feel comfortable and can help avoid misunderstandings and consequent embarrassment.

Facilitating Interpreters are often used when some group members have a smattering of both (or all) the languages involved and require someone bilingual to clarify points of confusion by saying it ‘in other words’. Other times, the various group members can only speak their native language, in which case we can help by switching between Consecutive Interpreting to the group and providing one-to-one help to group members who are struggling.

Facilitator interpreters – examples of use:

  • Marketing department running a ‘focus group’ exercise as part of a new product initiative.
  • Information systems department involved in a global software development project running a workshop to decide on roles and responsibilities.
  • A colleague from a foreign affiliate needs help understanding what is being discussed in meetings or over dinner.

Hiring a facilitator interpreter – things to be aware of:

  • If you need someone to facilitate at meetings where the subject matter is very specialized, please provide as much background as possible to help us select the most appropriate individual to help you.
  • It is difficult for a single interpreter to facilitate in very large meetings/workshops. If you intend to have more than (approximately) 8 people present, consider splitting the group and running two meetings either simultaneous (you will need to hire another facilitator) or consecutively.
  • If you know in advance, or even suspect, that you will want the facilitator to accompany your team to dinner in the evening, please mention this at the time of booking so that we can make timely personal and travel arrangements.

Let us know what you need a facilitator interpreter for and on what date and we will provide you with a free quote on the same day.

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