interpreting services

Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian interpreting

We offer fully qualified interpreters who are documented experts in our clients’ related fields. All of our interpreters are native speakers of the languages they interpret. This means that they have a deep understanding of the language and can quickly and effectively provide real-time translations of speech as it is spoken.

We execute big projects and long-term contracts, but are equally at ease in working with you on one-time, standalone tasks. Prodirekt also offer interpreters to accompany individuals or delegations on visits to non-native countries on request.

We interpret in all major business languages and specialize in providing interpreters covering most South-East European countries (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, and Bulgaria).

consecutive interpretation

Prodirekt offers consecutive interpreting, where our interpreter serves as an intermediary between conversation participants. The interpreter translates what has been said after each person speaks, each section of the conversation is translated without addition or omission. For more details please click here.

simultaneous and whispered interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting, also known as UN style interpretation, involves interpretation of the content of an interaction in “real time”, or while each person is speaking. Special audio equipment may be required for simultaneous interpretation. Simultaneous interpreters are the most highly trained and qualified linguists within the industry of interpretation/translation and must invest years of training and practice before meeting the standards expected by Prodirekt. For more details please click here.

telephone interpretation and video conferencing

Our interpreter conducts interpreting over a three-way telephone setup. This is ideal for short meetings and where it is impossible or hard for all three to meet face to face. This service is becoming common due to its reduced cost. For more details please click here.

facilitating interpretation

Sometimes you just need someone bilingual on hand who can help out with ad-hoc requirements during an event. Facilitating Interpreters are often hired to attend international corporate hospitality events and team building sessions. They are a great help in making your clients and staff feel comfortable and can help avoid misunderstandings and consequent embarrassment. For more details please click here.

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