multimedia translation services and voice-overs

Multimedia translation services

Once you decide to invest in multimedia technology, localizing your multimedia content so that it can be understood by anyone, anywhere in the world, is a logical extension. Unlike traditional localization, multimedia localization requires experts with additional skill-sets for audio or video text adaptation, script translation, and professional voice talent recording. A healthy dose of software engineering is also needed.

Among the most common types of projects are:

  • Websites
  • Movies
  • Audio recordings
  • Games and cartoons
  • Animations
  • Marketing pieces of all types
  • Captivate interactive learning applications

No matter what kind of project you are dealing with – eLearning, training, corporate video, voice overs, multimedia or CD and DVD content creation, we rely on our extensive and dedicated team of experienced translators. Further, our highly qualified project managers are able to manage translation projects of any size.


At Prodirekt, the voice-over process is overseen by language directors, i.e. native speakers who ensure the correct delivery, pronunciation and intonation of the script.  This speeds up the recording process by minimizing the need for re-takes, thus saving valuable studio time and reducing the overall costs of the session.

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