strategic business management program

A highly intensive program, the strategic business management course offers you a practical and action-orientated foundation in the skills needed for effective management. Unlike other business courses that concentrate narrowly on a particular function, strategic management is a big picture course. A main purpose of this course is to sharpen your abilities to “think strategically” and weigh things from the perspective of what is best for the enterprise as a whole.

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A main purpose of this course is to sharpen your abilities to “think strategically” and weigh things from the perspective of what is best for the enterprise as a whole

Why is our approach different?

While presenting the latest management concepts, we use practical, no-nonsense and innovative program methodology. There is an emphasis on creative thinking and problem solving to increase the awareness of the global and regional business environment.

Participants will experience the latest management concepts by taking part in the computer-based simulation – The Business Strategy Game.

In playing The Business Strategy Game, participants will need to address a number of strategic and operating issues facing their companies. A live case situation will be provided where events unfold and circumstances change as the game progresses. The action will be fast-paced and exciting as industry conditions change and as participants (players) jockey for market position and competitive advantage. We promise not only to stimulate participants’ competitive spirit but also to make their learning experience enjoyable.

The course is based on the team work, which will hone participants’ interpersonal and leadership skills even as they are developing their technical expertise.

Program Overview

During the course, we will systematically expose you to the rigors of industry and competitive analysis, to the ingredients of attractive strategic plan, to the importance of building a sustainable competitive advantage, and to the special demands of operating in an increasingly competitive environment. The program emphasizes free-market dynamics and the importance of profitability, efficiency and return to shareholders.

You will join managers with a wide range of experience to address the challenges of leading multifunctional business teams. This interaction will allow you to expand your knowledge of functional areas outside your own and to develop your capacity for making strategic and tactical decisions to help achieve organizational goals.

The Strategic Business Management course presents concepts and methods for identifying a company’s core competencies, determining how industry trends will affect profitability, and developing a corresponding competitive strategy. By understanding the concepts presented in this course, managers can become better equipped to turn business potential into a competitive market advantage.

Representative subjects are comprised of:

→ General Management
→ Marketing
→ Finance and Accounting
→ Strategic Planning
→ Human Resources
→ Production and Operations Management

Who should attend?

Small-to-medium sized business owners who want to improve their general management skills and professionals who have recently been or will be promoted to a managerial position, spanning all functions and industries. The program is also very useful for post-graduates in economics, marketing, finance and management.

What are the program’s benefits?

  • global industry environment
  • great opportunity to gain up-close exposure to what global competition is like and the kinds of strategic issues that managers in global industries have to address.
  • Learn by doing – the Business Strategy Simulation
  • Develop participants’ core management skills. The participants will learn core management skills and competencies within a controlled environment. They will take risks, make mistakes  and learn without compromising their position.
  • Interact within a multi-cultural environment. One of the main advantages of the program is a chance to explore each participant’s personal management style. The participants will gain the  opportunity to interact within a uniquely varied learning environment – people from widely differing industries with different management practices, different cultures and background.

Learning outcomes

  • Gain global perspective and awareness of the interplay between world market forces and the region’s evolving market economy
  • Improve costing, cost control and cost-based decision-making
  • Appreciate the importance of profit and loss, return to shareholders, profitability, and profit margins for corporate decision-making and the long-term health of an enterprise
  • Able to unite production, marketing, finance, and human resource decisions into a coherent strategy
  • Able to look at decisions from the standpoint of the company as a whole, and see the importance of thinking strategically about a company’s competitive position and future prospects
  • Make decisions based on real analyses
  • Be prepared to assume greater responsibility, and rise more rapidly

Registration Fee (2-day program) …………. EUR380.00 (excluding VAT)
(payable in advance; refreshments, computer lab, education material, software package and other supporting material are all included in the price).

Unconditional Guarantee

We believe this course will be the most exiting and valuable course you have ever had; however, if for any reason you are not satisfied with this course, please let us know. We will immediately credit your attendance to another course or seminar of your choice, or,  if you prefer, promptly refund 100% of your registration fee.

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