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Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro – March 22, 2004 – Founder of Prodirekt in an interview with daily Danas speaks about managers and trends in executive search industry in southeast Europe

Dejan Trpkovic, founder of Prodirekt, the leading retained executive search firm in Serbia, was interviewed by Vesna Sekerezovic, of Danas, leading daily newspaper in Serbia and Montenegro (SCG), about the recruiting industry, its regional development trends and advantages of engaging management recruiters.

Pravi put do uspesnog menadzera, Vesna Sekerezovic, Danas - Inervju sa Dejanom Trpkovicem, Prodirekt, 22MAR2004
Full story: Vesna Sekerezovic: “The right path to a successful manager” in Danas (March 22, 2004, in the Serbian language)

“Foreign capital and competition entered much faster in the East European markets than in SCG, causing a rapid increase in compensation packages for top managers. This trend may repeat in SCG as well, providing the government continues with the reforms and attracts much higher foreign investment,” comments Mr. Trpkovic.

“Successful managers are already in good positions in their companies; therefore, they are less willing to consider a change in their careers. Executives are looking, with the utmost discretion, for most qualified and respectable consultants to help them better evaluate a potential career change. Trust is the main factor in this culture,” says Trpkovic. “That is one of the main reasons why management candidates prefer working through the recruiters rather than directly with a company’s HR department.”

When asked about the potential differences in the management recruiting practice in the SCG and Western European markets, Trpkovic points out that the SCG market still lacks professionalism and differentiation in the service level. “A manager’s ultimate success depends not only on the skill set and competency fit, but also on the critical cultural match. The best executive search consultants are able to strike the right balance between the client needs and candidate career goals,” says Trpkovic.

Full story: Vesna Sekerezovic: “The right path to a successful manager” in Danas (March 22, 2004, in the Serbian language).

Prodirekt provides strategic management and human resource consultancy services to clients ranging from large corporations to emerging growth companies in southeast Europe, across a broad range of industries and sectors. The company has earned a reputation for successfully completing the most complex management searches in the region due to Prodirekt consultants’ in-depth knowledge of specific industry sectors and years of direct senior-level experience and long-standing relationships with top leaders.

The Serbian Integration Office Announced the Completion of Its EU Communications Strategy and Visual Identity by Prodirekt

Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro – June 24, 2003 – The Department for European Integration (EI) today launched its “Communication Strategy on European Integration” and logo/identity at the government’s press office. The main goal of the EU Communication strategy is to ensure free and objective information flow for its citizens and better understanding of the EU Stabilisation and Association Process. A visual identity is one component of a broader campaign to promote the EU strategy. Ana Trbovic, Assistant Minister and Head of the department for European integrations, unveiled the logo that was created by Prodirekt.

PRODIREKT EU 2004/2005 communication strategy plan
Logo of the Serbian European Integration Office

The quadrangle logo features a letter “S” in Cyrillic (“C”) written by way of using yellow stars. The background is made of the EU and Serbian flag colors, blending at the mid-point.

Describing the cooperation with Prodirekt, Ana Trbovic said: “Prodirekt has helped create the overall image of the European Integration office, providing it with a comprehensive visual identity. Achieving the ease of understanding, the logo design clearly conveys the European integration message, while pronouncing the importance of preserving a national identity.” In addition to the main logo, Prodirekt produced a flyer for the wider public and designed several manuals for the Serbian civil servants. “Prodirekt work on the ABC of European Integration particularly stands out and has been commended by the Members of Serbian Parliament and the European Union representatives. They have made our publications recognizable, and as such, they represent a basis for a long-term education and information campaign on the European integration process,” added Ana Trbovic, head of the department for European integrations.