Canada – Communication & Service Essentials Program, ILAC College

Communication & Service Essentials Program is part of ILAC College’s School of Customer Service. This program will enhance your communication skills while learning essential workplace skills in customer service. Courses include professional presentation skills, business communication, sales, hospitality, food and beverage and event planning.

IMPORTANT: In addition to learning business skills, the program is designed to improve your language skills; therefore, your English language knowledge that is required to enroll in Communication & Service Essentials should only be at the IELTS 4.0 level, that is approx. between A2 and B1 levels. There are two program options available – with and without Co-op (paid internship): READ MORE

Canada – Health Care Administration Program, ILAC College

Offered at ILAC International College’s state-of-the-art campus in Toronto, the Health Care Administration Program is 52 weeks long with the option of 40 additional weeks of a paid work placement (“co-op” or paid internship). The co-op work placement is an essential portion of the program that gives students a chance to practice the skills learned in class while gaining Canadian work experience. Co-op work is also a great opportunity for students to build professional contacts within the industry and gain first-hand entry-level experience in Canada.

Courses are offered during the evenings, furthering opportunities for students to find better part-time jobs during the day and practice their knowledge, language and interpersonal skills off campus. READ MORE

Canada – Service Excellence for Business Program, ILAC College

If you’re a passionate, highly-motivated achiever with a strong desire to study and work in Canada, Service Excellence for Business diploma & certificate programs of the School of Customer Service offer a life-changing experience that will give you the skills you need to succeed and lead in any profession. Learn the art of service excellence in the customer service capital of the world.

There are three program options in Toronto and Vancouver  READ MORE