Study in UK: UK Government’s crackdown on ‘poor-quality’ degrees sparks debate over impact on studentsStudy in UK:

24–JUL–2023 | Study in UK – The UK government has recently announced a crackdown on “poor-quality” degrees. But what constitutes as a “low-quality degree”? Would this decision affect students from disadvantaged backgrounds the most?

The new measures are supposed to crack down on higher education providers that continue to offer poor quality courses and send a clear signal that the UK Government will not allow students to be sold a false promise.

Rishi Sunak Crackdown on rip off degrees
Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of the UK

Many are calling the plans “shortsighted” while others point out implications for international students and creative arts graduates. The graduate outcome survey – used by the UK government to gauge the success of students 15 months after graduating – is a “blunt instrument” and one which is not effective in measuring the success of creative graduates. Graduates like sculptors, painters, film producers, performers, and designers tend not to be highly paid — early on, at least — but they make life more interesting and enjoyable for millions.  

The National Union of Students has spoken out strongly against the government’s plans, warning that the decision would affect students from disadvantaged backgrounds the most: “Instead of imposing arbitrary caps, the government should focus on enhancing the quality of education across all disciplines and ensuring that students receive relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills. If the government had students’ interests at heart, it would act to remove the barriers to accessing education – including by increasing cost-of-living support – rather than putting yet more barriers in place.”

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