ACS Cobham graduates triumph with outstanding university placements worldwide

19–JUL–2023 | ACS Cobham students who pursued the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are celebrating remarkable examination results, propelling them to prestigious universities worldwide, such as Oxford, Harvard, and New York University. PRODIREKT Education & Academic Advising Group, a global representative of the school, is elated to witness the students’ contentment and continued success in their academic journeys at some of the finest universities worldwide. Here are the impressive academic achievements of ACS students in 2023:

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP)  

ACS Cobham’s IBDP students collectively achieved an average score of 35 BDP points, surpassing the global average of 30.24, and an impressive 91% pass rate, exceeding the average IB global pass rate of 79.3%. Furthermore, 91% of students studying the AP courses achieved a pass score of 3 or higher in three or more subjects.

The DP, a rigorous, globally recognized two-year qualification, allows students to continue learning six subjects, preparing them to be internationally-minded, global citizens as an alternative to A Levels.  

The top IB score achieved by ACS Cobham students was an exceptional 44 out of 45 points, equivalent to roughly 5As at A Level. Additionally, an outstanding 30% of this year’s ACS Cobham student cohort achieved an average IBDP point score of 38 and above points, surpassing AAA in A levels.  

Alberto Giordano - graduate of ACS International Cobham, PRODIREKT
Alberto Giordano

Student Alberto Giordano, who studied the IBDP, is now heading to the highly selective NYU Stern School of Business in New York. He expressed, “ACS has prepared me to make the most of meeting vastly diverse groups of people and taking advantage of leadership opportunities that I will take with me to NYU. Taking the IBDP has also honed my time management and research abilities which will be more than useful when I start university.”  

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses  

The 183 graduating students at ACS Cobham who undertook US College Board AP courses in twenty-five different subjects achieved an admirable average point score of 3.7 out of 5, with 91% of them achieving 3 or more. Moreover, 34 students earned Scholar recognition by scoring 3 or more in 3 or more exams. Advanced placement courses are scored from 1-5, and a score of 3 or ‘qualified’ indicates that a student is capable of handling the work of an introductory-level course in a specific subject at university.  

While AP originates in the US, it is recognized as a prestigious post-16 qualification by universities worldwide, including those in the UK.

Over the past four years, ACS Cobham has witnessed a significant increase in student participation in AP courses, a testament to the school’s commitment to offering a range of rigorous academic opportunities.

Every year we look forward to ACS Cobham’s prestigious High School Graduation where the school celebrates all its Grade 12 students. We are excited to share our partner’s 2023 graduation film.

PRODIREKT Academic Advising and Career Development

We at PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education are delighted to continue supporting ACS Cobham High School by placing our students. Should you wish to enroll your child in one of its programs, contact us and our experienced academic advisors will help you with everything.

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