Education abroad: Safety and quality education main reasons that international students choose Canada

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The main reasons why international students want to study in Canada Education Beyond Borders

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02-SEP-2022 | Education abroad – The latest survey shows that Canada’s perceived safety is a major draw for international students, that most students are satisfied with their experience of study in Canada, and that most would recommend the destination to other international students.

Canada was the world’s fastest-growing study destination in the five years leading up to the start of COVID-19, and total foreign enrolment in the country had largely recovered to pre-pandemic levels by the end of last year. Canadian immigration officials reported a continued surge in visa applications through the first half of 2022.

With all of those strong indicators we thought that it would also be good to share some of the main results of a newly released survey from the Canadian Bureau for International Education which sheds light on the reasons why international students continue to see Canada as their favorite study destination.

This was the sixth year the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) has run its International Student Survey, and this year it involved the participation of 67 institutions across Canada. More than 40,000 international students from multiple source countries responded to the survey between October and December 2021. CBIE is Canada’s international education association whose members include school boards, cégeps, colleges, institutes, language schools, polytechnics and universities.

Education abroad - Top reasons that international students choose Canada
Education abroad – Top reasons that international students choose Canada. Source: CBIE

The survey revealed several competitive advantages for Canada in 2022, the most powerful being its reputation for being safe (79%), followed by the educational quality offered by Canadian post-secondary institutions (69.5%). International students also value Canada’s generally tolerant and non-discriminatory society (50%).

Post-graduation intentions

International students have long-term plans in Canada when they choose to study there.

Study in Canada - Post-graduation intentions of students surveyed
Study in Canada: Post-graduation intentions of students surveyed for the sixth annual ISS. Source: CBIE

It is also important to note the huge importance of the Post-Graduate Work Permit for international students. Close to 45 percent of the more than 40,000 students surveyed plan to apply for this permit to allow them to seek employment in Canada for up to three years. Another 6 in 10 (59.4%) intend to apply for permanent residency.

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