Agents will play a key role in rebuilding international enrolments post-pandemic

Agents will play a key role in rebuilding international enrolments post-pandemic Verbalists Education and Language Network

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In the latest episode of ICF’s continuing podcast series, Craig Riggs (editor of ICEF Monitor) and Martijn van de Veen (vice-president of business development) discuss some of the trends shaping student mobility this quarter, including some important developments in China and new student loan supports for international students. They are joined by Vincenzo Raimo, a global higher education specialist, who expands on some of his ongoing research on education agents and their increasingly important role in international recruitment.

The use of agents has been rising among educators over the past decade, and agents are likely to play an even greater role after the pandemic, given the need to rebuild international enrolments and with continuing limits on educator travel overseas. Students and educators alike will need more assistance than ever as they navigate evolving travel restrictions, public health conditions, testing services, and visa processing.

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