STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Kateryna from Ukraine and her pathway to a Boston University Degree

Kateryna Kzhemanovska from Ukraine did Year 1 with Kings Education at Concordia College in New York and was then transferred to Boston University (ranked 42) to major in Public Relations.

“My experiences with Kings were excellent because I felt like they were my family who was always there for me, always supporting me whenever I needed them. The pace of life at Boston University is much faster. I was able to be much more prepared because if I had come here straight from Ukraine I would not be able to handle this!”

Follow your path to a top university with PRODIREKT!

The final outcome of your 4-year degree is all that matters. It’s not where you start. What’s important is where you graduate.

With PRODIREKT you don’t need to choose a lower ranked university today which closes off better options tomorrow. First, we will enroll you at a small, friendly college campus. It’s the perfect starting point for your degree. We’ll be there to support you all the way. Then, when you are ready, our long-term partners at Kings Education will help us transfer you to a Top 100 university. You’ll join as a second or third year student.

In fact, Kings guarantees an offer from at least one Top 100 university based on our students meeting certain conditions include:

  • Meeting all transfer school requirements
  • Maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA
  • Maintaining a good disciplinary record
  • Applying to a set number of transfer schools on time
  • Attended required regular advising sessions

PRODIREKT Academic Advisors can help you even if you are still too young for university. We will arrange that you study at a supportive, highly ranked US High School, or take a dedicated program which offers the perfect transition from high school to university. Contact us here to gain your High School Diploma – in-person or online.


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