Boarding at ACS Cobham high school: Nia’s testimonial on finding a second family

At ACS Cobham High School, students from around the world come together to experience a unique and enriching educational journey. Among the many stories of success and growth, Nia, a Grade 10 student from Bulgaria, shares her remarkable experience as a boarder at ACS Cobham.

24–MAY–2021 | With unwavering support from caring house parents and a warm, open-minded community, our student Nia has found a second home at the prestigious international high school. Let’s delve into her testimonial and discover how ACS Cobham has left an indelible mark on her life.

“My favorite part of being a boarder is that there is always someone there for you – someone to listen and help. Our house parents put a lot of effort into making you feel at home.”

Nia about ACS Cobham

Nia’s words encapsulate the essence of ACS Cobham’s nurturing environment. Being away from home can be challenging, especially for international students. However, Nia found solace in the school’s tightly-knit community, where she knows she can rely on her house parents and fellow boarders for support and understanding.

ACS Cobham high school - Student Testimonial, Nia from Bulgaria, PRODIREKT

ACS Cobham is renowned for its exceptional academic programs, which prioritize both intellectual growth and character development. Nia’s journey at the school has been marked by immense personal growth and academic achievement, thanks to the dedicated faculty and cutting-edge resources available. Let’s delve into her testimonial and discover how ACS Cobham has left an indelible mark on her life:

If you aspire to be part of an internationally acclaimed high school that values open-mindedness, academic excellence, and a supportive environment, ACS Cobham is the ideal choice.

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