OSIBISA and Gregg Kofi Brown bring Verbalists one special Sunshine Day

This summer Verbalists had a very enjoyable interview with Gregg Kofi Brown, Ghanaian musician, who served as a singer and guitarist for the famous African group Osibisa for over two decades before issuing his first solo effort in 2005 with the “Together as One” album.

Osibisa is a British Afro-pop band, founded in London in 1969 by four expatriate African and three Caribbean musicians. Osibisa were one of the first African heritage bands to become widely popular, leading to claims of founding World Music.

Gregg Kofi Brown served as a frontman of the world class African pioneers OSIBISA for over 34 years and has traveled all over the world promoting the music of Ghana. His jazz funk afro beat style has inspired many musicians and artist all over the world. His collaborations with the likes of Sting, Stanley Jordan, Des’ree, Gabrielle and Patti Austin are legendary. Singer/songwriter guitarist Gregg Kofi Brown is best known for his international hits like ‘Shadow’ recorded with Billy Cobham, ‘Lullaby to an Anxious Child’ recorded with Sting and the dance favorite ‘Sunshine Day’ recorded with Osibisa.

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