Hungarian government to boost high school students’ language learning abroad with €180m


Hungarian Government supporting language learning abroad, Verbalists

An estimated €180 million in funding will be provided by the Hungarian government to support some 90,000 of the country’s students when they travel to the UK, Ireland, Malta, Germany, Austria, France and China this summer to take part in two-week language courses.

Each student will be awarded €2,000, meaning the government will provide around €180m in funding. However, the total funding could exceed that figure significantly as exact numbers are still unknown and as many as 140,000 students are eligible for the scheme.

The ‘Foreign Language Learning Scholarship Program for Hungarian Secondary School Students in Grade 9 and 11′ initiative is being run by non-profit organization the Tempus Public Foundation on behalf of the government. Launched in 2019, the 2020 program will see students travel abroad as part of the program. The only prerequisite for funding is that the students are in years 9 or 11 and that they are studying the relevant language at secondary school. They are able to travel individually or in organized groups and will arrive between June 13, and August 31 of this year.

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