How to become skilled and independent just after high school, studying and working in Canada was Slavo’s way

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When one organization grows together with its students, then that is a true success story. We very much enjoyed being a part of Slavo’s youth. Our student Slavko Slavo Apostolov attended several Verbalists programs. When he was 16, we enrolled him in the Manchester United football & English school in the UK. Slavo came back from that prestigious football camp excited, happy and with a Best Player award. At 18, he attended Verbalists’ most popular language travel program – My LONDON. Last year, upon finishing his high school, that charming young man came to us again, this time for our guidance about study abroad opportunities.

Slavo at the famous Old Trafford stadium

PRODIREKT education and academic advising group, who owns the Verbalists Language Network, is often approached by high school graduates and young professionals in search for their next career move. Slavo, who at his young age already became a professional soccer player in Serbia, had the usual dilemma – should I go to university or just take another English course, or should I just start gaining work experience right away. And if university, which one? Should it be in country or abroad? What if I start university and don’t like it or can’t finish it? After talking to Slavo and his parents, we felt that for him the best option might be a one year ILAC International College program in Canada, which can practically serve as his gap year.

Gap year programs are becoming increasingly common for students and young professionals. It is a great way to gain new experiences and skill sets while learning. In fact, many of our students find that when applying for jobs down the line, their gap year experience helped their resume stand out among a sea of equally qualified candidates. Safe and multicultural Canada has quickly become the best country in the world for young people who, upon their high school graduation, want to perfect their English, as well as acquire business knowledge and work experience in an advanced market economy. Slavo was very happy to continue his education in Canada, while his parents loved the idea that their son will gain his first work experience in one of the most progressive countries.

Together with our partners at ILAC College, we approved Slavo to be one of our International Student Ambassadors. Who could be better to talk about the importance of education abroad and help our future students with their studying and living in foreign countries than Slavo who has experienced various young learners programs with us. For his student ambassador role, he was awarded the $1,300 scholarship!

Slavo has just completed his work experience component and earned a Diploma from the School of Customer Service at ILAC College in Vancouver. What stood out from his video testimonial below and have made his parents and us especially happy is: “I learned a lot, and I became independent. That changed my life!”

Through the close partnership with ILAC College, which in some countries extends to our exclusive representation of that college, we have been able to fulfill one of PRODIREKT’s main goals – to offer high quality programs at more affordable prices to students coming from the emerging markets.

About ILAC International College

ILAC International College is a leading Private Career College that offers career-focused programs in Business, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Their boutique campuses are located in the heart of Toronto and Vancouver. ILAC International College is accredited by provincial and federal bodies designated to ensure high-quality programs and industry relevant training.


PRODIREKT is a leading academic consultancy and education group, specializing in satisfying the needs of students coming from emerging markets to study abroad. PRODIREKT’s academic consulting helps families and students find the most appropriate high school or university, confidently navigate the often complex application process, and in the end, gain admission to the desired schools/colleges.  PRODIREKT enables the individual and corporate clients achieve their objectives in international communication through the Verbalists Communication Network, dedicated to language studies and professional training. 


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