ICEF Berlin 2019 – More affordable study abroad opportunities for students coming from the emerging markets

ICEF Berlin education event, PRODIREKT

From November 3 – 5, 2019, the representatives of PRODIREKT and the Verbalists Language Network attended the ICEF Workshop in Berlin. It was the 8th time we participated in this leading international networking forum focused on education. The 26th annual conference attracted 2,833 participants from 1,733 organizations in 104 countries.

It is always exciting and very useful to attend the ICEF events as we can meet in one place many partner educators and agents we already work with. It is also the best way to expand our reach in the international market.

icef berlin 2019 traditional event and party at gls prodirekt
Attending the traditional party at GLS, our long-term language education partner

Apart from a great number of one-on-one meetings, our representatives attended various seminars, expert panels, and presentations each providing valuable insights into the latest trends and research affecting international education. The seminars about pathways to German and Canadian residence permits received our particular attention.

This year’s event was important for us since we made several agreements with world leading colleges, high schools and language schools, to offer preferential pricing and scholarships for the emerging economies of Brazil, east and southeast Europe, and Ukraine. In the past years, the emerging markets have been in our focus and in that respect we have already made great study abroad inroads with our partner – ILAC Canada.

The ICEF Agent Barometer, which received 2,065 responses from agencies in 119 countries – confirmed our belief that Canada is the country that will see the biggest share of interest from prospective students, according to 66% of respondents.

About ICEF Berlin
ICEF Events occur annually around the world and are renowned for their organization and, most importantly, for the quality of educator-agent relationships they facilitate. ICEF Berlin is the most comprehensive event of all. There is no comparable education event in terms of size and opportunity anywhere in the world.

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