These are the 2020 best United States universities

U.S. News & World Report just published one of its most reputable university ranking lists, and this time the universities in the USA have been evaluated. The 2020 Best National Universities ranking includes a mix of public and private research institutions that offer a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. These are the top USA universities of 2020:

  • 1. Princeton University
  • 2. Harvard University
  • 3 (tie). Columbia University
  • 3 (tie). Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 3 (tie). Yale University
  • 6 (tie). Stanford University
  • 6 (tie). University of Chicago
  • 6 (tie). University of Pennsylvania
  • 9. Northwestern University
  • 10 (tie). Duke University
  • 10 (tie). Johns Hopkins University
  • 12 (tie). California Institute of Technology
  • 12 (tie). Dartmouth College
  • 14. Brown University
  • 15 (tie). University of Notre Dame
  • 15 (tie). Vanderbilt University
  • 17 (tie). Cornell University
  • 17 (tie). Rice University
  • 19. Washington University in St. Louis
  • 20. University of California – Los Angeles

Find tuition and fees, application deadlines and more for the top-ranked schools in the USA here.


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