Jacopo from Italy and his experience with Super Intensive IELTS course at Kings Oxford

Our Verbalists Language Network‘s student Jacopo De Pascalis, from Italy, recently took the Super Intensive IELTS course at Kings Oxford. He tells us a bit more about his experience and his plans to return to the UK in the future:

“I’m Jacopo and I come from Italy. I’m attending the “Super Intensive IELTS” class and I’m going to study for three weeks in total. It will be intense but I’m sure that I will enjoy this time.

I decided to take the IELTS exam because it is one of the requisites that you need to apply to many universities or companies. It is going to be a new challenge too and I can’t wait to take my exam.

I have been lucky because my classmates and my teacher are always ready to help you with a smile on their face. Being in a relaxed and calm environment is important in order to study and improve your skills at the best. I’m sure that this experience is giving to me the opportunity of learning and improving my speaking and writing skills.

After Kings I would like to apply for university in England. I fell in love with Oxford and the family that hosts me has already told me that whenever I will return to Oxford they will be happy to host me again!”


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