Verbalists “Inhale and Exhale” with Amir Gwirtzman

Verbalists interview with Amir Gwirtzmann

Amir Gwirtzman is an Israeli jazz artist who has mastered over 20 woodwinds from all over the world. Although Gwirtzman demonstrates his genius talent on dozens of instruments from the flute to the soprano sax to the bagpipes, his magnificence lies in his unique live creation of a “band.” What’s better than one Gwirtzman? Five Gwirtzmans. How is that possible? 

Well, Gwirtzman lays down a baritone saxophone track and records it and then digitally plays it back while he places the next layer with another instrument. He repeats this over and over again until he is jamming with a full musical group of himself.

In November 2009, Amir began his solo project Inhale-Exhale, performing alone on a stage surrounded by more than twenty wind instruments, included the saxophone family, clarinets, Scottish Highland bagpipes, Egyptian argul, Middle Eastern ney, Armenian duduk, pan-Asian zorna, and flutes from around the globe. Orchestrating these instruments together to make a multi-cultural musical tapestry, Amir creates a metaphor for our globalized world – bringing different cultures together to make an exciting, multi-layered whole. He records himself live onstage with the help of a loop-station, thus creating a one man orchestra. Inhale-Exhale is a metaphor for our globalized world.

Verbalists witnessed his unique talent last summer at the famous Nisville Jazz Festival.

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