This is my photo story of the best memories I had with GLS Berlin College

Our Bulgarian student Liya Stancheva attended the Berlin College program, organized by one of the best European schools – German Language School (GLS). After spending three weeks studying German in Berlin, she returned home overwhelmed with great emotions. We bring you her testimonial and photo story:

With GLS Berlin College I succeed in improving my German skills and also discovering the most impressive places in Berlin. To be in Berlin for three weeks is a like a dream. Can’t believe that the best time in my life is over now. I felt free in Berlin, I felt like I can reach every peak and that I can be myself no matter what. All of the people who were taking care of us are amazing, so nice and funny. Everything was so good organised, you don’t have time to feel tired. BERLIN! The city that inspires you, the city that makes you feel like citizen of the world.  I just can’t believe that I was part of this amazing summer camp. If I had the opportunity to go back one day, I will definitely use it!

student testimonials liya attending the berlin college program 2 verbalists
We spent every day with bright smiles! This photo was taken at the Pankow Schwimmbad, we had so much fun.
student testimonials liya attending the berlin college program 4 verbalists
One of my most favourite people! We spent the greatest time together, Bulgarian power! Love her. When you find another Bulgarian girl in Berlin, you just feel lucky 🙂
student testimonials liya attending the berlin college program 5 verbalists
My class! So glad that I met them. While studying, we became friends and we worked like a team! Lucky me! We were from all over the world, so many cultures, so many stories.
student testimonials liya attending the berlin college program verbalists 1
My first Fahrradtour ever! For me, it was just like a dream, because I thought that I’m not a good cyclist, but surprise-I succeeded. The feeling that you are in Berlin and also you control your life was just amazing! Everyone in our sports team was so fascinated and this became activity №1 on our list.
student testimonials liya attending the berlin college program 9 verbalists
One of my favourite morning activities-Süßes Berlin! All of us enjoyed this activity so much; place: ‘Tiger Törtchen’, Nikolai Viertel. We visited all of the most famous chocolate shops and I understood that diet in Berlin is impossible.
student testimonials liya attending the berlin college program 8 verbalists
East Side Gallery – the world’s biggest open-air gallery! If you’re in Berlin you definitely should visit this impressive place, so much art at one place! It’s just unbelievable how can the sad part of the history be turned into this amazing artwork, no words can describe it.
student testimonials liya attending the berlin college program 3 verbalists
Potsdam! This was my first Saturday-full excursion day. I was so impressed and the weather was also with us-so sunny and lovely. The architecture is amazing and the story is so interesting.
student testimonials liya attending the berlin college program 6 verbalists
Ah, Mauer Park! If you want to relax, to listen to good music and to be with your company-just go there! It’s amazing, we spend almost every afternoon there, so lovely memories! Also, every Sunday there is a flea-market and you can find everything there, but only if you get up early.
student testimonials liya attending the berlin college program 10 verbalists
Me and my girls! This photo was taken at our favourite place-Deck 5. It’s just amazing if you’re with the people who make you happy, I’m so thankful that I met them. The day we should say goodbye was the hardest part of everything, because I spent three weeks with this amazing people and we became partners in crime. It just stay yhe hope that we’ll meet each other again one day! We promised to each other.

This is my photo story with the best memories that I had in Berlin. Looking forward to go back there, what about you?

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