Simultaneous Interpreting Services for the Conference “Parliaments in a changing Europe” Entrusted to Prodirekt

Belgrade, Serbia – September 9, 2013 – Simultaneous interpreting services have been entrusted to Prodirekt, the leading communication and language consultancy in SEE, for the high-profile conference “Parliaments in a changing Europe: Citizens and representative institutions in modern governance”, which will be held on 10th and 11th September 2013 at the House of the National Assembly. This Conference takes place within the European Union (EU) funded Twinning Project “Strengthening Capacities of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia in the EU Integration Process”.

Following the aim of the project to strengthen the representative role of the National Assembly of Serbia, legislative function and the oversight function towards the executive, the main purpose of the Conference is to explore the way in which the democratic perspective of a parliamentary representation can be further developed in the directions of strengthening its ties with citizens and openness.

Strengthening Capacities of the National Assembly of SerbiaDistinguished Serbian and international speakers from EU Parliaments, government institutions, academia, and NGOs will address areas such as: relations between the parliaments and civil society, European and national dimension of citizen’s rights, governance and decentralization strategies, inter-parliamentary communication and modernization of parliament’s operation.

The Conference provides opportunity to learn about current parliamentary tendencies and get more acquainted with the project, which is designed to advance the overall capacities of the National Assembly, in order to plan and implement necessary reforms during the EU integration process.


Konferencija „Parlamenti u Evropi koja se menja – Građani i predstavničke institucije u modernom upravljanju“

Beograd, 9. septembar 2013 – Konferencija „Parlamenti u Evropi koja se menja – Građani i predstavničke institucije u modernom upravljanju“ održaće se 10. i 11. septembra 2013. u Domu Narodne skupštine.

Ova konferencija se organizuje u okviru Tvining projekta Evropske unije „Jačanje kapaciteta Narodne skupštine Republike Srbije u procesu evropskih integracija“.

Istaknuti srpski i međunarodni predstavnici evropskih parlamenata, vladinih institucija, iz akademskih krugova i nevladinih organizacija govoriće o temama, kao što su: odnos parlamenta i civilnog društva, evropske i nacionalne dimenzije građanskih prava, strategije upravljanja i decentralizacije, interparlamentarna komunikacija i modernizacija rada parlamenta.

Konferencija je deo Tvining projekta, koji ima za cilj da uanpredi ukupne kapacitete Narodne skupštine, kako bi planirala i sprovela neophodne reforme, tokom procesa evropskih integracija. Projekat sprovodi Parlament Grčke i Narodna skupština Republike Srbije, od januara 2013. do juna 2014. godine.

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