Language learning a priority in Balkans

A recent survey by the Serbia-based management consultancy group Prodirekt, carried out in four countries, shows that many parents in the Balkans would send their children to learn a foreign language in a native speaking country, regardless of the family budget constraints

Using the Facebook page of Verbalisti, a vibrant social network focused on language learning managed by PRODIREKT, consumers were asked: ”How important is it for your children to learn a foreign language in the native speaking country?”_

Almost 80% of the 1,226 voters responded: “It’s extremely important and I will provide it for my child regardless of financial constraints in the family budget.”

Prodirekt managing director, Dejan Trpkovic, told The PIE News, “The results are important because they show the language travel potential in the region and they are an indication of the future behaviour of parents.” He added, “There will be more students studying foreign languages abroad as the economic situation in the region improves.”

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