Learn English and explore Great Britain with Verbalists “My Language Experience” Programs – My LONDON Program (VIDEO)

My Language Experience

One of the most popular language programs PRODIREKT and its Verbalists Language Network have developed is undoubtedly My LONDON – it was again our bestseller in 2011.

My LONDON is a language trip to one of the most fascinating capitals in the world; the secret of its popularity lies in the perfect balance of language learning through experience, sightseeing and fun. The program was first launched in 2008 for the students coming from the countries of the Balkan region, but its popularity soon brought young learners from all over the world – Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, even as far as Brazil.

Verbalisti My London Language Program
“At the end of our language program My LONDON, you’ll be able to call London truly yours”

Each morning is dedicated to exploring London, from its world famous iconic sights, such as Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s Cathedral, to the less known gems hidden in the nooks and corners of this fascinating city. These guided tours offer students not just a first-hand insight into the modern British culture and lifestyle, but also an opportunity to practice their English in real life situations. Weekends will see you explore British heritage, even further by visiting the scholarly Oxford and Cambridge, or eating fish-n-chips and ice cream on sunny Brighton beach.

The power of English is further being unlocked in the afternoons with the structured English lessons taught in small, international classes. The communicative approach means that students focus on building greater fluency and the confidence in using the language. The facilities include interactive whiteboards, digital language laboratories and use of real-life materials to keep students motivated.

At the end of this exciting trip, you will have understood more clearly why the British drive on the left, why the Prime Meridian runs through Greenwich and why La Manche is called the English Channel. At the end of our language program My LONDON, you’ll be able to call London truly yours.

We are featuring below the video of our third My LONDON group, which started conquering London from the Belgrade airport on July 24:


Gospodar Jevremova 9a, Belgrade, Serbia

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