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Verbalisti Interview: Sergej Trifunovic – Language is Made of Math and Music (VIDEO)

Verbalisti communication and language network

Verbalisti Interview: Sergej Trifunovic
Belgrade, Serbia
January 14, 2011



About Sergej Trifunovic
Sergej was born in the family of actor Tomislav Trifunović and lawyer Slobodanka. His younger brother is actor Branislav Trifunović. Sergej’s father in his career has often moved, so Sergej lived in Mostar, Užice, Kruševac and Belgrade. In 1990, Trifunović enrolled in Belgrade Faculty of Drama Arts in class of professor Vladimir Jevtović. His fellow students were Nataša Ninković, Vojin Ćetković and Nebojša Glogovac.

Sergej Trifunovic is not so much like Leonardo DiCaprio; more like James Dean with the difference that his rebellion is never without a cause. He has a very controversial and unconventional demeanor and is often thought of as some kind of troublemaker. He is very outspoken and not at least timid about expressing his opinion even though it often clashes with the general attitude. He wears an earring playing Petruccio in Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” When during one performance of a play a cellular phone in audience kept ringing, he yelled from the backstage:”Just answer it, you idiot!” His interview photos are often utterly unusual (sitting on a privy, or with a magnifying glass in front of his mouth wide open). Some people like his being honest and unique, others hate him.

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