Dejan Trpkovic about Effective Strategic Management at the OPIC Conference

Belgrade, Yugoslavia – November 6, 2002 – Dejan Trpkovic, founder of PRODIREKT, a leading management education and development company in the Balkans, and a former Regional Director of Hasbro Corp, talked about various aspects of effective strategic management at the prestigious conference, organized by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) in Belgrade.

As part of a three-day conference, OPIC, the Foreign Commercial Service and American Chamber of Commerce organized jointly the Business Strategies for Managers and Entrepreneurs seminar. Some of the leading senior executives in Yugoslavia were invited to address management issues that they had focused on while developing successful companies. Topics ranged from effective communication and management skills to strategic planning and human resources development.

Mr. Trpkovic addressed the following issues:

  • Requirements for the effective strategic management – what global competition is like and the kinds of strategic issues that managers in global industries have to address
  • Decisions from the standpoint of the company as a whole, and why it is important to think strategically about a company’s competitive position and future prospects
  • Strategic management for small businesses and venture capital driven enterprises
  • Sources of strategic success and failure in Southeast Europe

The business seminar also featured presentations by Miodrag Babic, President, Hemofarm Corporation, Darko Babic, Director DHL, and Hans Schrader from Southeast Europe Enterprise Development.  More than forty largest US corporations gathered for the conference, including Citibank, DHL, Motorola, Philip Morris and Oracle.

About OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation)
OPIC’s political risk insurance and financing help U.S. businesses of all sizes invest in more than 150 emerging markets and developing nations worldwide. Over the agency’s 30-year history, OPIC has supported $142 billion worth of investments that have helped developing countries to generate over $11 billion in host-government revenues and create over 673,000 host-country jobs. OPIC projects have also generated $64 billion in U.S. exports and create more than 253,000 American jobs.

Prodirekt provides strategic management and human resource consultancy services to clients ranging from large corporations to emerging growth companies, across a broad range of industries and sectors. The company has earned a reputation for successfully completing the most complex management searches in the region due to Prodirekt consultants’ in-depth knowledge of specific industry sectors and years of direct senior-level experience and long-standing relationships with top leaders.

Gospodar Jevremova 9a, Belgrade, Serbia

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